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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by wltr1, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. wltr1

    wltr1 New Member

    Has anyone hear or seen this new online buisness called LWS Freedom its supposively just launch this month if anyone has heared anything about it pls. let me know what you think about it. THANKS
  2. emmjay

    emmjay New Member

    I just joined for free last night and listened in on their conference call.It sounds pretty good if you are able to market and get people to sign up for free.After they sign up for free the owners take over the follow up with voice broadcasting and 24 hour support to answer your prospects questions.The best part is it is a one time fee to join and no monthly fee.In saying this I am going to research it further before I upgrade to paid member.
  3. wltr1

    wltr1 New Member

    could you update me on how your doin with it
  4. Cjay

    Cjay New Member

    Hey guys, glad to have found this forum. I've been into Internet Based Incomes for about 6 weeks now, and i've had some mild success so far with two programs, and i've picked up quite a bit of the learning curb, and disecting business models, and different marketing strategies...

    I came across LWS freedom not too long ago, and it's sales page is very compelling. I even believe more compelling than my main program. Whats great about my main program is that all sales were direct, so I could put it on the backburner and focus on another program, or quit it all together and there was no loss of investment (which was $280)

    So to my point, I've got this feeling inside of me after researching LWS Freedom, that I'd be better of promoting instead. My marketing infrastructure is already set, so it will be a simple swap...It doesn't hurt that a $200 dollar sale last week will be paying for LWS, and not to mention I got a little lucky on Bodog Sports betting with My Chargers, Dolphins upsetting the Pats....

    Anyways, It's gonna be interesting, so i'm marking it here right now on this forum. It seems to be the rare few forums where opinions and conversations seem real.

  5. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hey guys - here is a simple tip for you.. enclose your links in [url[/url] so people can click on them...we are all a tad bit lazy here when it comes to copying and pasting.[​IMG]
  6. ikare

    ikare New Member

    I signed up the first week! I just set up a my space page, which I could have never done without LWS Freedom's instructions. LWS Freedom makes it real easy to do all sorts of advertising, and a lot of it is for free! My upline said the program creator, David Dubbs, is awesome! She said everything he touches turns to gold. If you take a free test drive you get to sign up for free which allows you to check out a lot of the back office.
  7. Cjay

    Cjay New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Just thought i'd put in a 1 week update after joining the LWS program.

    So far i've got a little bit over 1000 page views (somewhat uniqiue--it counts me 1 time every day i log in).

    I've got 4 signups so far.

    We'll see how Millionaire Dave Dubbs and MAx do with their followup system.

    So far it's getting equal to, or slightly better interest than when i was promoting Independent Profit Center...

    I just invested in an automated Craigslist poster, and i'll be launching a marketing campaign for LWS soon

    I'll try to update at least once a week on my happenings with LWS
  8. wltr1

    wltr1 New Member

    glad things r working out so far keep me ut to date and if you dont mind would you pm and let me know how u spend on advertising so far im thinking on doin the system i just need to know how much i need all together including the cost to upgrade

  9. shereen

    shereen New Member

    Lws Freedom seems like a good programme signed up two days ago.
    I'll post an update after my first full week.
  10. emmjay

    emmjay New Member

    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the idea behind the recruiting end of this program is that Dave and Max will work at converting your free members to paid members.I was on last weeks conference call and all the exitement about this was that they would be sending voice emails to the free members to try and convert them.Now here is my experience to date.I joined as a free member on Sep.22 and thus far I have received 1 email from Dave telling me to listen to the recording of the conference call that I was on.So really how hard are they trying to close your sales for you?
  11. residualgrl

    residualgrl New Member

    You have to get traffic to your site, and when they sign up as a free member, they will then be in constant contact with the emails and videos.

    I was just on tonites call and there are alot more tools coming for us as well. [​IMG]

    Remember they just launched a couple weeks ago.

    There is alot of trainning in your back office (if you are a paid member) on how to get traffic.

    Hope this helps..
  12. emmjay

    emmjay New Member

    I understand how the system works.That is why I signed up as a free member to see if they would be in constant contact with me to try to get me to upgrade.After all that is what they say they will do for you once you upgrade.So if I am not hearing from them,and they are not attempting to convert me to a paid member why on earth would I think that they will try to close my free members after I upgrade.I have heard all of this before from EDC.
  13. residualgrl

    residualgrl New Member

    I misunderstood your post...my apologies[​IMG]

    Again, they are just getting started, and I did notice new emails in my yahoo account today.

    Some are also going in my spam box as well. so I need to add them to my contacts.

    I do beleive this is a very powerful system, especially after listening to last nites call. Are Alexa ratings are really taking off, so I'm willing to let them get up and rolling!
  14. Cjay

    Cjay New Member


    Interesting observations...

    It didnt really occur to me, to see what their follow ups would be like. So i signed up as a psuedo free member on my own page. I did it two days ago. Ever since, I've been getting one greeting message a day. Today's audio was David Dubbs doing his thing, with a recorded message from Las Vegas Airport, talking about what a blast he had in vegas, and how he's getting a lot of personal testimonials from recent members whos LWS business is Taking off...etc.

    I've gotten a follow up email once a day so far. If i had a preference, i'd have one go out every other day, because more than once a day might seem too much...

    anyways, thats what I observed...
  15. residualgrl

    residualgrl New Member

    WOW! 2 more signups in 3 days...this really works, and the new training in our back office is some of the best I've seen in the industry[​IMG]
  16. residualgrl

    residualgrl New Member

    Hey, How are all of you doing with LWS?

    I'm pretty jazzed about all the amazing tools in our back office.
    And NO monthly fees for all of this information? Way cool.
  17. Cjay

    Cjay New Member

    Hi everyone (and residualgrl),

    I'm about due for my 1 week update here with the LWS program, and with some good news. This morning I woke up to an email alert notifying me of my first sale. Not a bad way to start my day. I'm not dreaming that i'll become a millionaire with LWS Freedom, as that was never my intention with LWS...but so far so good. I think my momentum will increase from here. My goal is to have LWS bring in a a good steady 1000 dollars a month by the Holidays. That's about 6 sales a month, not even counting Leverage+Residuals.

    I'm pretty pleased with the new additions they made to the back office as well. Actually, I took a few minutes out of my afternoon to play with this screen capture tool I came across yesterday.

    It's a short video sneak peek into the LWS Freedom Members Back Office.

    Residualgirl, i'll send you a pm and maybe we could exchange some tips and experiences.

    Till my next update...

    [Link removed - Admin]
  18. residualgrl

    residualgrl New Member

    Hi Everyone...Anyone having issues with their url's??? Nobody's appear to be working.
  19. sp005

    sp005 Guest

    how are you advertising lws freedom to have this success?
  20. Cjay

    Cjay New Member

    Hey sp005

    What i've been using so far, are free ad-exchanges, safelists (businessworldlist.com), and a few craigslist ads every other day.

    There is a promotion going on till Monday, which has already TRIPPLED sales over the last week overall for the company.



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