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    LYF is a brand new mlm that wants to take the entire industry by storm. Will it? My LYF in Review will try to answer that question.

    Most every network marketing company wants to be or is often projected to be the next billion dollar giant. Yet, some outright fail and others never reach that lofty goal. What about LYF?

    LYF Brands has made a favorable impression upon me. My experience in mlm has rarely shown me a company with so many in leadership positions at the start of the company. At the helm of LYF Brands is Michael Han, a successful entreprenuer and business owner.

    Mr. Han has achieved a great deal in his 39 years. You can read about his background here:

    The LYF Brands website covers far more information than I can. However, I would like to comment on it. To view it go to

    The website went live in January when I learned about LYF. It is being added to almost everyday. It will soon have a video added. Unlike many so called "opportunities" coming on the Internet, the LYF Brands website gives us an example of how it should be done.

    It tells us about the Company, its products, its vision and its leaders. It shows us where it is located and has a customer service phone number and physical address. I personally know someone who has been to the headquarters in Washington D.C. He has been very impressed so far.

    Whereas many mlm's have one or two products, LYF has 10 categories of products. It has intentions of having hundreds of products, all natural and covering different age groups like baby's, tweens and seniors, as well as animals, a home care line and telecommunications. In time, nothing may be bigger than LYF.

    People often wonder whether an mlm is well financed, has great leadership, has a great comp plan and has outstanding products. From what I can see and hear, LYF has it all.

    LYF Brands is allowing people to enroll at the corporate website. What do you think of LYF?
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    I LOVE LYF!!!!!

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