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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by EthosKeeper, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. EthosKeeper

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    Hello all,

    Before I join an online marketing business, I am trying to find out if most systems in place, are Mac friendly?

    It might be a stupid question...but I am trying to determine if I will need others conversion programs to run efficiently?

    For example: Will Aweber work on a Mac, or do I need to covert with a seperate program?

    My sponsor doesn't know, as he is a PC user. I am by no means a discriminator of PC users, I just got great deal on 2 Macs through a friend. Even certain poker sites I visit are not Mac friendly, so my concern is a genuine one.

    I currently only have "Flip" for Mac, and Windows Word at the moment.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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  3. EthosKeeper

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  4. cherie27

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    If your online business doesn't require you to install any exe file, mac is suitable. You just need to have office install on your mac.

    I have a mac at home, but some of the program are in exe format. Therefore i seldom use my mac, i use a desktop instead.
  5. ilie

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    Hi Cherry27,

    Just wondering if you are working from home and if you can recommend something not very demanding, just looking for some extra would be nice if there would be a potential in taking this as a full time job in the near future...

    sorry... i was just following some threads and u seem to be the most recent user ...

  6. unselfishguy

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    hey! I'm a Mac user too. It does cause a bit of a headache sometimes. But, you should be able to find your way around it.
  7. Patrix

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    I use a macbook since about one year ago, and I am very satisfied. Almost everything works with the mac, if you install the Firefox web browser. The Safari browser works fine to, but some sites does not support safari, and some functions may be missing. As an examlpe; my Internet Bank does not like safari, but Firefox is ok.

    If you want to use e-books and that are in .exe format, the mac does not support that. And some times, there is some software that will not run on a mac. But there is solutions to that too. Because when you have a mac, you can also install windows, if you need it and want it. Then you have the best of two worlds. But if you have a PC, then you are stuck with that, because you can never install mac OS on a PC.

    I have two offices at home, and I use the south office most. And thats where I have my mac, most of the time. In my north office, I have my old PC, and I use it some times.
    But most of the time, I became angry at my PC, because he or her has his own life. "Your computer has installed the latest security upgrades, pleas restart" And it is frustrating to restart the computer all the time.

    The mac doesn't even need a virus protection. There is no viruses that can threat a mac! That gives a faster Internet experience, when you don't need a software that scans everything you do.

    Thats my opinion. [​IMG]
  8. gradyp

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    I don't have a Mac. But I do frequently use Linux, which, generally, has even less support than Mac. I haven't tried using aweber, but in general, 90% of the sites I have no trouble accessing using the Firefox browser. About the only things I haven't been able to access are some of the network stations (ABC, CW, etc) when trying to watch programs online. I'm usually able to access the site, but not able to watch programs.

    As for other sites, I can't think of a single thing that I haven't been able to access. I think the browser choice is more of a reflection of accessing sites than operating system. The two main ones being supported are Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    Good luck!


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