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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Jeffreyj06, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Jeffreyj06

    Jeffreyj06 New Member

    I'm new and will start training tomorrow (yeah me). Does any one use majic jack? Right now I plan to use my Call vantage (voip pretty much the same as vonage) Does anyone use these. Also do I need my phone during training? Any help would be great.
  2. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    You will need your phone for webinars as you progress through training. You will have webinars which you have to connect to with your phone. I believe they discourage the use of voip because they do not offer tech support if you have issues. I remember when I applied that a landline was a requirement. Also the landline should have no call waiting or voicemail etc unless you are able to disable them for a shift once you begin taking calls. Hope this info helps
  3. eber3

    eber3 New Member

    You Can use VOIP, it works fine... at least the service from Broadvoice company does. Don't know about magic jack.
  4. momof3boys

    momof3boys New Member

    It depends on your skill as to if you need your phone during training, I'm on DR and you didn't need it until you were ready to take calls. I think a land line phone is required because they don't want confidental customer information going out over any unsecure airwaves. The VIOP's may work but if they find out (which somehow I've seen on this board that they do) you might get coaching/PIN. Don't know about your area but for me in FL a feature free land line with no long distance is only $22/month worth it to not have to deal with any hassles..good luck..
  5. eber3

    eber3 New Member

    A land line is NOT a requirement. VOIP is acceptable to use, but not recommended by West.

    "As of now our support teams are discouraging Agents from using VOIP to process calls as bandwidth and quality issues have arisen from this technology. The West At Home Help Desk and PAL teams can not troubleshoot any technical issues you encounter if you are using VOIP and we also can not waiver any performance improvement notices you may receive due to any call taking issues that arise."

    They discourage using VOIP because people with poor VOIP service have encountered quality issues. Basically it depends on how good your VOIP service and internet connection is. My setup through Broadvoice is better then any land line I've ever had, and cheaper.

    One thing though, if you tell them you have VOIP the tech department will automatically blame it for ANY problem that happens. That is far easier for them than actually fixing their problems. I had a problem once where calls were not being routed to my number. They said it was because my number was showing up wrong, and that that was because of my VOIP service. Broadvoice investigated and found out the problem was actually with MCI... one of West's long distance providers. MCI had to fix their equipment so that non-MCI numbers weren't misidentified.
  6. momof3boys

    momof3boys New Member thought I had read it had to be a land line..I know from some other work at home companies that they don't like employees to use VIOP services for security reasons..I just assumed it was the same with West.. that's good to know thanks [​IMG]

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