Make $2000 in 30 days - Part 2

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    Bery - March 24th, 2010 at 11:16 pm
    Make quick money by doing the following:

    1. Go to the warrior forum and interview one of the popular guys their. Preferably someone with

    a good rep for selling quality products.

    2. Record the video on .mp3 and transcribe the video as well.

    3. Start a WSO saying that you interviewed this person who's giving away good techniques on how

    he makes money in his business. Interview can focus on CPA, adsense, PLR, whatever is the guy's

    or gal's specialty.

    you should be able to sell at least 100 copies of this interview at $5 a pop.

    Variations on the method can include you hosting a webinar with some expert in the IM field.

    Especially works if this expert will be releasing a product in the near future.

    Get participants in your webinar through various methods including forum marketing, twitter and

    facebook. Try to get at least 100 attendees on your webinar.

    At the end of the webinar offer a discount on the guru's new product if they buy through your

    link. You should be able to make some quick money using either method.

    By the way, the expert or guru will agree to do it because there's really no work for them

    involved if you bring the customers to them.

    Ray - March 25th, 2010 at 12:09 am
    I got a personal invitation to a secret CPA affilitae network that pays per click. Pay per click

    ranges from $0.05-$2.00. Since prospects don't need to optin to any offer before i get paid. I

    just send quality acceptable traffic generating 1000 clicks in days.

    The calculation is: for an offer that pays $2.00 per click. That's $2,000 gross revenue. Profit

    would be around $1800 when all fees are deducted by the network. Pretty cool for me.

    Turn around time........One week max.

    Tp - March 25th, 2010 at 3:51 am
    Mini niche sites and doing SEO for local businesses

    Approached a few businesses with high profit margins (attorneys has been my best) whose yellow

    page ads is wasted advertising. Used Google Keywords tool and Market Samurai to find high volume

    local traffic keywords with low competition and built 2-3 page niched site around the best

    keyword ??“ including exact match domain. built the site in a few hours, got it indexed quickly

    with a couple posts to do follow blogs and social bookmarks at Digg and Mixx and got a #11

    ranking and Number #6 ranking within 10 days.

    Did this with 2 businesses in first month and received $3850 + $1500 a month from one and $3250

    and $750 a month from the other for the sites and doing basic monthly SEO (primarily backlinks,

    an article and a video or 2 a month using Traffic Geyser). Think this worked as well as it did

    as I targeted businesses with high profit margins whose investment was easily paid back with a

    single customer ??“ thoroughly explained the value of the traffic they received using stats

    obtained from market samurai

    Jim Schibly - March 25th, 2010 at 6:49 am
    Two separate tests demonstrated that just two $12.00 "For Sale" signs from Home Depot earned

    $412.41 per day, which equals $12,372.32 per month, or $148,467.84 per year.

    The bandit sign tests proved that just one sign covered with a few words about the product or

    service and a domain name would sell 3 web hosting accounts or 5 digital products during

    afternoon rush hour traffic between 3PM and 6PM at a busy intersection.

    The web hosting accounts paid a commission of $100 each for a total of $300.

    The digital ebooks paid commissions of $37.47 each for a total of $187.32 , but there were 2

    refunds requested, so only 3 commissions were paid totaling $112.41.

    Both signs were lost when they were removed by public service workers at the end of the day, but

    the cost of the signs are tax deductible.

    Murgatroyyd - March 26th, 2010 at 2:48 am
    Because internet marketing makes most of us put on weight, I started a blog with my weight loss,

    I have been using a clickbank product and I am showing pictures and all of my weight loss.

    Starting to make sales, just being honest and telling a true life story. When I have lost my

    weight I am sure I will make more sales and the google ads voucher would really help drive

    traffic to the site to make more sales.

    Susanne - March 26th, 2010 at 7:56 am

    I created a quasi-wordpress directory. I selected lawyers as my target they have marketing

    budgets they blow on yellow pages quite often.

    I came up with about 15-18 different types of lawyers and wrote articles about that niche, for

    instance Personal Injury, Criminal, etc... I made sure that I only targeted one county in a

    particular state (as I have found that is how more people search for local attorneys). It was

    very simple to rank for the (County + Lawyer Type)... I then leased the page out to different

    lawyers... I put their Name, Phone #, Address, and a Contact Form that goes to their email

    address. I make sure that I do not collect any people's information as for the legal issues with

    being a lawyer referral service.... I position myself as a Lawyer's Advertising Service

    I run about $1200-$2000 a website per month.... I duplicate the process and start with a new


    You could basically do this with many different local niches..

    I will also share one more easy money maker...
    I have a blog that I put two Double Medium Size Adsense boxes on the top. I do very well with

    the one site (about $1500-$2000 a month). I found that one keyword phrase that was generating a

    ton of traffic. I checked and found that keyword was available as a domain name. I registered it

    and put up another site with Adsense double boxes on the top and wrote a few unique articles...

    Well now I own Spots #1 & #2 for Site 2 holds #3 & #4 on Google for that keyword phrase. I know

    do about $800 a month on site #2... I am sure almost anyone could do this with any existing site...

    Check it out..

    Andrew - March 26th, 2010 at 10:54 am
    Online surveys (e.g. SurveyMonkey)

    We probably brought in over $50k from one survey to our client list. You can ask some bold

    questions because people like to share their thoughts. It was a client satisfaction survey that

    we turned into a revenue generating campaign. We also increased awareness about our services

    through our survey questions. So there might be residual revenue we received in the process.

    Other Uses: Generating leads from your website. Gathering ideas for complementary info. products

    from your own list.

    Total Time: 1 month, mostly collecting responses
    Actual Work Time: 2-3 hours creating 10+ questions and funnels based on people's answers. If you

    aren't familiar with online surveys, it'll take you more time to set up the survey.

    Ivan Hsieh - March 26th, 2010 at 11:04 am
    Hi, well let me tell you! I actually did join PROJECT PAYDAY when I was short of money because

    they always state FAST MONEY! There's good comments about them and bad comments about them- give

    me one moment to digress so I can explain the "bad comments" ??“ there IS an assemblage of Project

    Payday people who have fromed sort of a forum for negotiating deals. They completely take

    advantage of "newbies" and wipe them clearn! BUT IF YOU STEER CLEAR OF THEM AND GO TO THE


    VERY NICE AND HONEST! So, I continue, I took 90 minutes to complete the turorials and learn what

    I had to do. Then it took me another 45 minutes (being new) to locate the exact deals I wanted

    to complete. The first one was for $200 paid immediatley to my PayPal account upon completion. I

    poste my job offer and a gal accepted to do all my offfers for $45. She finished in 2 hours and

    I was paid my $200 within another hour. So, I made $155.00 in my very first total of 5 hours

    with Project Payday. Of course I continued the next day and got 2 more projects completed but

    this time it took paying half to finish each of them. So I paid my original $200 from my PayPal

    account from the day before to the fellow who completed my 2 deals and I received $450 ??“ total

    profit from both days $450! You must absolutely be sure you go ONLY to the "Lunchroom" to do

    your dealings and you must be saavy and just take a look at what the experienced long timers are

    doing, take their examples and sign up for the exact ones they are using to get cash fast. It's

    so simple ??“ you'd be brain dead not to make money fast! And by the way, don't ever pay attention

    to the bad reports about Project Payday, these are posted by the poor soles who go to the other

    forum and get ripped off. Stay at the Lunchroom and your money is assured! Pennie Fries

    Pennie Fries - March 26th, 2010 at 5:18 pm
    After a few years (About 8), I finally followed about half of the manual I bought from a guru.

    Guess what, following directions at least half way made me $120.00. Now unfortunatly I didnt

    follow the tracking part of the instructions so I dont know exactly what keywords drove the

    traffic. I went with a guitar lessons niche, built in my on add ons to the template in my

    product. I bought a keyword similar domain name it was only

    $10.00 so if it didnt work oh well. Opened a new adwords account (be careful) and spent only

    about $10.00 of my own money and about $20.00 in credits. So $30.00 made me $120.00. This is

    good all day long, however, dont forget to track so you can do it over and over again. I am

    pretty well versed in all this but I am just missing something. If one of you GURU'S would take

    me under their wing (Kimball-wink-wink) anyway they would have rights to my true testimonial for

    their new product based on what they did for me. I have an outline for a full newbie to pro

    product series as well 50/50 we will take anyone from never even using a computer to have a

    fully operational business online. Maybe with continuity 1 month at a time
  2. cjmo75

    cjmo75 Guest

    This is a really great blueprint to make money online. I absolutely love the detail. Although it might take a little work, this is a really effective business plan. The use of video is key in today's marketing world.

    I also think interviews are really interesting ways to get your point out about the product you are promoting. It's great when you can provide people with valuable content while at the same time reviewing your product.
  3. liber8life

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    Making money online used to pretty much require you to have your own Web site, products to sell and some marketing savvy. But a new generation of dot-coms have arisen that will pay you for what you know and who you know without you having to be a web designer or a marketing genius..

    Actually, you can make money online wherever you are, as long as you have internet connection.

    You can sell advertising space. You can do affiliate marketing. You can do paid posting.
  4. cjmo75

    cjmo75 Guest

    I find that you really need a website to make money in affiliate marketing becayuse you need a landing page to send your traffic. For instance, I write lots of articles and submit them to the directories. For that you need a good landing page to send your traffic. I used to use free blogs, HubPages, etc, but I found the bounce rate was just too high.

    One way around that is to set up a re-direct domain. Most article directories allow those types of links. However, you need to make sure the product you are promoting has a good sales page if you do that.

    This thread contains some really useful information and I only wish I found it when I was a newbie!
  5. LindaSweetfield

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    Hi Cimo, thanks for that. I think its a useful post too. If people sift down through it there is all sorts of ideas that can be taken out, tweaked perhaps and then run with. Glad you liked it
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    Very interesting. This is a long post, but some of your points are useful. So many people don't realize that there are legitmate jobs and even online marketing tactics.
  7. eworker

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    Very interesting post, I will try that kind of techniques.

  8. AbrahamSmith

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    It sounds like you have found your nice! Fantastic! [​IMG]

    To achieve success you must be the best at whatever you do! I always love to hear, when people come up with a great idea, while Im thinking - "where did that come from"...

    We all have great ideas, we just have to trust ourselves and follow them.

    Keep up the great posting LindaSweetfield [​IMG]

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