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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by fhtmrep, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. fhtmrep

    fhtmrep New Member

    Residual income on products and services that we have been using for years, "makes the most sense", when it comes to building a strong team. People get it!
  2. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I agree.
    Few people have most of the money while most are starving and suffering.

  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    When people follow a simple and yet effective plan to grow their teams and never give up, more and more people will succeed in this business.
  4. fhtmrep

    fhtmrep New Member

    Talfighel, you are so correct, I have done many different types of MLM's. I find it easier to get people to join your team when a plan you are showing makes alot of sense. Having residual income on everything you do everyday is the most effective way to have somebody join your team. I can't stress it enough how "genius" people can be. My goal is to help others who are reaching out for your help, that is the most important thing in my life.
  5. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    fhtmrep: Talfighel, you are so correct
    Thanks, I appreciate that very much.

  6. fhtmrep

    fhtmrep New Member

    I beleive a "MLM" company will survive a recession and any other circumstances, when the products and services are a major benefical to the consumer. I dont see cell phones, cable, internet, etc. which are all a necessity disappearing. Thats why this is all a "no brainer"!
  7. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    NO I don't think MLM's will got away either because there are alot of brick and motar building going under so someone has to fill the gap so to speak. Even Target, Wal Mart, sears, jc pennys have websites and offer products that they don't carry in the stores. So if you can't get to the building and shop hit the power button on your computer.

    My business is very simple but mine also offers residual income. You want to be able to retire sometime right?? [​IMG]
  8. fhtmrep

    fhtmrep New Member

    I'm not sure if people are getting the fact that the world is changing. Its a lot cheaper to do business on the internet then having a brick and mortar company.

    So what these million, billion dollar companies are doing is shifting there money from advertising to people like us to represent them. We love our technology popup blockers, tivo, don't call me, Sirius/XM meaning they aren't able to get the message to us. So, they are using us to bring them business. "Free of charge". What we get in return is revenue sharing "Genius" for bringing these thousands of companies "Loyal" customers key word "Loyal".

    If you know that you would get "paid" to stay loyal to these huge companies wouldn't you keep your service with them? So its a win win situation for all of us. "Makes sense"
  9. drunyan

    drunyan New Member

    Back to the original statement residual income makes sense, I get it, and get it and get it week after week, and I love it.
  10. fhtmrep

    fhtmrep New Member

    Sorry, I have been away for a while. Most people think of "MLM" as a try to get rich quick scheme. So when you want to show them an excellent opportunity, they will have in the back of there minds that I'm not interested. But when they see the plan there is no option to see that it all makes sense.

    I don't get involved with something that takes a lot of work. So when I saw something that only requires to put in a DVD and push play, I say to myself, that is pretty easy. They will either get it or not. If they don't get it at least I don't have to convince them of anything different. Any company that shares the revenue back to there Rep's and not hold on to it makes a whole lot of sense. [​IMG]
  11. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Sounds like you guys are having fun - to me it is important that working at home is FUN.

    Otherwise it is really hard to stay motivated until the money starts showing up in significant numbers.

    Or at least that was my story.[​IMG]

    Regardless what it is - it still takes 'work' to make money from home.[​IMG]
  12. fhtmrep

    fhtmrep New Member

    Money is not everything! But when you can help people build there empires at the same time of making a fortune then you have succeeded.[​IMG]
  13. fhtmrep

    fhtmrep New Member

    How about if there is no selling of products and services? You are just introducing a great oppotunity for somebody to make money on things we do everyday, month in and month out. I'm sure if you say to somebody, "would you like to make make money on bills and sevices you use everyday or month i'm sure they will think "wow"! that is a no brainer. A company that gives you the opportunity to become your own best customer is Genius. I have now eliminated the middle man and I am know the middle man on all by services.

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