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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by HarryPi, May 31, 2010.

  1. HarryPi

    HarryPi New Member

    Morning everyone! I do apologize in advance if this HAS been discussed already - I went through the threads and couldn't find it, so I thought I'd ask...
    I'm a complete newbie, just doing the 30 day challenge (on recommendation of some of the posts here on the forum) and I think it's quite a useful program with good training. One of the things they strongly recommend is Market Samurai. Now I know I can do the 40 day free trial which I will but apart from that: Any opinions? Is it the wonder tool that they are claiming it to be?
    Thanks for any comments, Harry
  2. HarryPi

    HarryPi New Member

    Uuuhm, sorry, just saw there is a 30DC subthread; gonna have a look there, maybe there are some opinions on the Market Samurai.
  3. HarryPi

    HarryPi New Member

    Although...having said that, couldn't find a lot on MS in the threads over there... [​IMG]
    (Starting to get a bit uncomfortable, only replying to my own posts...)
  4. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    Im only using 2 modules from there. Keyword and SEO for top 10 sites.

    But yes, it is a very very good tool.

    To start you are better off with trial. There are tools, what you can use for free. To check backlinks etc. You can find them in Google, if not, then let me know and ill give you some free tools for SEO etc.

    Once you start understanding all process etc. Then paid MS is awesome.
  5. CarrieLyn

    CarrieLyn Guest

    Hi Harry,

    Yes my team and I all use Market Samurai and love it. It really would take countless hours to gather all of the information they give you in just one click.

    In order to take full advantage of the free trial I would recommend coming up with a good sized list of keywords that you're thinking of using so that you'll be prepared once the trial starts.

    Of course we decided to buy it and continue to use it. Also, they've got a lot of training in their "dojo" which you'll probably find really helpful and useful.

    One of the other things I like about this product is that they're constantly adding modules and upgrades to make it even more useful.

    Let us know how things turn out!

    All the best,
  6. hotboy18

    hotboy18 New Member

    Market Samurai is the best keyword research tool I have ever used. I would truly recommend it to any one.
  7. clickbankmaster

    clickbankmaster New Member

    I purchase Market Samurai after reading this thread....3 months later and I simply cannot live WITHOUT THIS research software..

    It has make my life so easy by handing me ALL the information I need.. Every few days I churn out a NEW PAGE or WEBSITE using MS..

    A serious tool only for the serious internet marketer...
  8. ericsquest

    ericsquest New Member

    Market Samurai is one of my most used and recommended tools.

    And as Carrie said above the training they provide is top notch!
  9. TshirtFrank

    TshirtFrank New Member

    Agree, market Samurai is pretty awesome. I stumbled on this after my roommate wanted me to teach him how to market online. I had used the trial on the 2009 version of 30DC and liked it but didnt realize just how great of a tool it was until this year. All the 2010 features rock.

    Its even better than the tool that they have in WA.
  10. discrat

    discrat Member

    I am using Market Samurai for the 3 month trial and I have found it invaluable.

    Before I was just using the Google Adwords Keyword tool for my Research on Keywords but MS makes the information so accessible at the tip of your finger tips. Its extremely convenient.

    Keyword research is so important and can be the difference between making big bucks or not making any at al in Internet Marketing.

    I plan on buying it straight out after the Trial. and I would recommend that anyone serious about IM consider at least taking the trial.
  11. wealthbuilders

    wealthbuilders New Member

    As a recommendation of many users to my post on keyword research tools last week, I downloaded Market Samurai trial and so far I love it. It seems to be working out real well for us!
  12. josaphlewis

    josaphlewis Guest

    Market Samurai is the world best a Keyword Research Tool. Market Samurai has just been efficient once again and this time they have completed it so simple to make money with it.
  13. winlin

    winlin New Member

    In a word 'Yes" don not hesitate, do not pass go, get Market Samurai!

    I use it on a daily basis combined with the Micro Niche finder 5.0. Market Samurai will do it all. I've simply become accustomed to using both tools. Sometimes it's nice to have a double check.

    I usually interface with the "MNF" to locate exact keyword . com domain names and then move the info to "MS" for the rest of my analysis.

    Don't forget to save your registration code so you can enter the Noble Samurai Dojo. This is where you will learn the most about using Market Samurai.

    "Congrats on your decision and to your future success" - Winlin
  14. LawrenceTam

    LawrenceTam New Member

    this is the wonder tool. I'm amazed they don't charge monthly for this. and on TOP of being mac compliant they actually update it a lot.

    so the question is... do you like to make money?

    then get market samurai and USE it the right way.

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