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    Marketing can be a tricky proposition, yet it is THE engine for your success in online businesses. Without marketing, no one knows who or where you are.

    But, with all of the hype and hollow promises, where do you advertise? Do you advertise for free? Pay?

    Honestly, it is best to invest some, and get targeted paid traffic rather than advertise on a "free" site where you might have millions (litterally) of competing ads, and where most everyone that visits the site are fellow marketers.

    Usually, people that are looking for home business opportunities will be looking at either the major search engines, or reputable classified outlets (which are usually free to view, but costs to advertise).

    Marketing for online businesses, just as with traditional businesses, can be tricky. You are not always guaranteed to get sales from your advertising.

    This is where knowing where your niche audience is. Knowing where to advertise is as important as what to advertise. But, knowing what to advertise leads to knowing where to advertise.

    The main point to remember is to advertise for YOUR audience. Find your niche, and you will find your audience.

    - Bruce

    Bruce T. Woodward has been an internet marketer for over five years and owns
  2. pcwork

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    Quoting: btwoodwardThis is where knowing where your niche audience is. Knowing where to advertise is as important as what to advertise. But, knowing what to advertise leads to knowing where to advertise.
    I agree, knowing where your niche audience will be found is important
  3. gratus

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    I agree but i also think that the information that most of these home based buisnesses are selling should be free, most of it is ebooks based on marketing strageties, you shouldnt have to pay just to learn how to market a buisness.
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    Most people like free content and they surf the internet for content.

    By providing the free content to others, you will gain the trust of others.

    Turn them into your customers
  5. inasmit

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    Hello there

    I have been through this whole paid or not paid advertising as I'm sure you all have, but now I know that you can make a full-time income online without spending more than $100 per month. I belong to a group that was mentored by 6 successfull online marketers who are absolutely amazing with personal support and step-by-step training, not to mention the help from the rest of the "family". Finding your niche and getting help from mentors is definitely working.

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    Knowing your target market is hugely important.

    Whether you start off with paid of free, pick one strategy, and focus and become good at that strategy for the next 90 days.. You'll be suprised the growth you develop in that time. When that strategy is working for you, move over to the next strategy you can add to your arsenal.

    But your marketing efforts in the medium to long term should be coming from both free and paid.


  7. cherie27

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    Having a good mentor to guide you is also important as they have gone through the path.

    They can advise you on what kind of marketing methods to use.
  8. chrisbag

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    I think were you begin to advertise and market your product all depends on individuals and what finances are available to you. If finance is limited then you have to start with free advertising and progress from there
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    All I can say right now is that Google has become a royal pain in the a$$. They really don't like us internet marketers... [​IMG]
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    I have to agree that if there is limited money upfront, you must start somewhere, which is the free advertising. Once you earn some money the next step should be to turn around and put it back into your business. And I also agree that having a good mentor is a ton of help.

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