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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by dtwizzy, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. dtwizzy

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    Just wanted some feedback on this company? The opportunity looks great, I been to a few of their seminars, and spoke to some of the head-personnel; its not simply internet based, they look real.

    I just signed up, but I want to know your experiences.
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  3. jansen

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    A lot of people are saying bad stuff about it.And there are also people posting some articles saying maxgxl scam. However since you signed up already on it then you may just want to trust them because that was a great opportunity for you.You might hear a lot of negative and positive feedback about them, but it all depends on you if you will believe the negative or positive feedbacks.
  4. MaxGxlCorp

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    The word "scam" seems to be mainstream these day's, in my many years as an entrepreneur it still amazes me that all the people that fail in the home-base-business arena are so quick to pull the scam trigger blaming everybody but themselves for their failures. I can assure you that Max International is not a scam, think about it for a second, why would the co-founders Steven K Scott and Guthy-Renker risk their reputation on a product "MaxGxl" that was giving a composition patent? There are pros and cons to any business venture and with any home-based-business opportunity there is a risk however if people find a legitimate company with a proven product, stick with a business plan well then sky's the limit.

    Anyway this is my first post on here and yes, I am a associate for Max International Thanks[​IMG]

    [Link removed - Admin]
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    I would have to agree with the above post that Max International is not a scam. They offer great products at fair prices. I checked the scam report and I could not find one article. Every business that you get into has its ups and downs. The business is only as good as the work that you put into and when people fail thats when they start writting the negative remarks.
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    off topic
    the word scam is also thrown in for business owners to counteract some of the negativity.. IE; IS X A scam? Find out here in this special reportl.
    then it's a link to someone's sales / lead capture page with their success story.
    and sometimes ripoffreport is full of angry distributors that bought the line how easy it was and never did any work, and failed after a year.

    It's best to do your research and check to see what the compensation plan is, what the product prices are (so you can make sure you can get a profit) and what you need to spend out of pocket.

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