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    I just received call 30 minutes ago from Sarah w/ Medical Marketing Group. She had me listen to a recorded message stating the program could make me a million air and if I acted quickly I would get $5000.00 if I had 100 people sign up in a 1 month period. Then I was transferred to Trisha Sandman ( she stated "Yes this is my actual name" before I asked. She offered $50.00 & 10% residual for people I referred that signed up for CMS - I've got coverage. The phone # on recording is 1-877-614-3285. Once I told her it would take time for me to investigate, the call ended after she stated "We was only looking for 2 people in Alaska and you could have been one of them".
    Then hung up on me.
    It was smart for her to do that. I am 14u2trust and will look further into CMS. Do not be discouraged with threats of Libel suites. If you tell the truth, you have nothing to worry about. If you have been threatened libel suite, this could cause intense stress. Stress has been linked to the reduction of blood stem cells and is your natural process for your body to heal itself. Do not let stress from scam's and their libel suites stop you from living a healthy life. Money is not important if you do not have your health. God Bless You and thanks for being 14u2trust worthy. By informing others, You are helping others save time and money!
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