Medical transcription job: A rock solid career

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    Medical transcription job industry will experience a tremendous growth in the coming years. Healthcare facilities are in demanding position right now and the employment opportunities in the field of medical transcription will increase with the changing circumstances. The aging population and retirement of experienced MTs make this job demanding.

    The most important thing is that medical transcription is a true home-based profession that does not require formal education in medical science. If you are determined to choose this as your primary career option, then you simply need to have MT training. Several medical transcription schools are available online and they will guide you how to produce accurate medical records by developing basic entry-level skills. After completing the training program, you may work in hospitals, clinics and medical offices as a MT but with a couple of years' experience, you can work at home as a telecommuter or can start your own home business.[​IMG]
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    Thanks for the general info!

    Do you have any specific recommendations of companies that are reputable in this industry??


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