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    Hello from a new member!

    Just wanted to give out some friendly advice regarding online medical transcription schools.

    PLEASE don't believe all the promises and guarantees!!! It is NOT easy work, you will NOT make a lot of money in the beginning!! There are a few reputable schools out there, but for the most part, THEY ARE RUN BY MONEY-HUNGRY PEOPLE WHO PREY ON YOUR DESIRE TO WORK AT HOME!!

    I have been a medical transcriptionist for 10+ years and currently own my own medical transcription company. I have never been ripped off by a medical transription training program, but I'm concerned with what I'm seeing.

    I personally know quite a few people that have spent lots of money on medical transcription training, but have never worked one day as a transcriptionist.

    Here's the truth about medical transcription:
    It is not easy to get a job.
    It is hard work.
    You will work LOTS of hours the first few years to make a living. The average starting pay rate has NOT gone up in 10+ years.

    If an online training school tries to tell you different, beware!

    Now that I've said that, there is good quality training available. My recommendation is to check out your local technical schools. Most of them have decent programs - some even offer job placement. 100% of the vocational/technical school programs I've looked at are also much less expensive.

    So, before you add $1000+ to your credit card debt for an online training program, check out your options !!
  2. Marktech

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    A lot of online programs for Med trans are rip-offs. If there any community college programs out there then I would agree that's the way to go.
  3. westfam11

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    I totally agree with you. It is very hard work.
    I have been working out of my home as a
    medical transcriptionist for 20 years. It
    used to be a lot better. You are correct,
    the pay has not gone up. Also there is a
    lot of outsourcing going on. I had a great
    job for four years and then all of a sudden
    without warning, one day, there was no
    work, the next day no work. The account
    had gotten outsourced without any warning
    whatsoever. Now I do have another job
    but it is not as good, the dictators
    are not very good, takes me longer to make
    what I need to in a day.

    That is why I have decided to start an
    onl-line business. My goal is to quit my
    transcription job by the end of the year, 2008.
    I don't want to have to worry about being
    outsourced again. I want to be responsible for
    my own life, my own business, my own income.

    Just be careful about all of the claims about
    income and jobs and you do have to be concerned
    about outsourcing.

    Becky West
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  5. steevie86

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    Hi redpen, regarding your message about attending, I'm interested in their internship/job placement you know much about it? I've already taken my courses at a community college, and so far, no such luck getting a job anywhere. offers job placement after attending their internship program, however, it's an additional $1000+ to sign up with them. I'll only do it if I'm guaranteed a job! Are you completely satisfied with them so far?
  6. MTkelly

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    GREAT post, MMA!!! I seem to get a lot of people asking me about MT, and they seem to think that a) it's just way too hard for them, or b) anyone can do it with a baby on their lap in their spare time while daydreaming about their next vacation.

    Obviously, neither of these is correct. It IS hard work, but once you have the skill set and training, it's not too difficult. The flexibility and ability to set your own hours is a huge perk. However, that doesn't mean that holding the baby, cooking dinner, and trying to help your 8-year-old child with his homework while doing MT will work. [​IMG] I tell people it's still a job. Think of it as a job. It's not some magical work-at-home "job" (scam) that doesn't require you to think!

    When I did the research into getting training, my first place to look was the Labor and Statistics website, where I saw that indeed medical transcription IS a real job [​IMG] (I had my doubts when I first heard about it)

    I took the Career Step training course in about 11 months, at my own pace, graduated with High Honors, and had a job within a month of graduating! Some people say you can't get MT jobs, but with the right training, I don't see that as an issue, as companies are always looking for qualified MTs.

    Also, most companies will have a "2 years experience required" in their hiring description, but for Career Step graduates (as well as a few other training program's graduates), that requirement is often waived because they've seen first hand the quality of work from these grads.

    Anyways, I hope that was a little helpful. I've been working as an MT now for 5+ years and couldn't be happier with my decision!
  7. talfighel

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    Good info. Your thoughts are much appreciated here.

    This should help a lot of people here who were looking into that.
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    I've never heard of medical transcription before but it sounds like a great opportunity for a lot of people. No doubt it's hard though, as I was just reading up on it, and you have to know a lot of stuff, like medical knowledge. Complex stuff!

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