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    A new program called The Mega Wealth System is launching on 2/16/09. It was created by David Dubbs & Max Stiegemeier. These two also created LWS Freedom. Dave & Max currently are giving MWS memberships to LWS Freedom members while it is in the pre-launch phase. They are offering the same opportunity to anyone who joins LWS Freedom while MWS is in the pre-launch phase. It's a 2-for-1 purchase opportunity for a couple of days.

    Since I am a LWS Freedom member, I acted on the opportunity and grabbed my membership to MWS. I have my plate pretty full right now, so I don't have a lot of time to spend on promoting MWS. I would be interested in learning how other MWS members are doing with the program after it launches. Let me know, will you?

    Thanks! [​IMG]

    Here's the MWS link:

    There isn't much to see on the site yet, because it's in pre-launch and the links aren't active.
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    Hey Robin,

    I recently joined MWS - I am a paid LWS Freedom member.

    The Mega Wealth Systems seems very interesting. The plan of 10 level deep commissions seem great!

    I'm currently exploring the MWS.

    Have a great day

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