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  1. RayvinAndRob

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    What is Mentoring For Free?

    Mentoring For Free is not a money-making program;
    nobody profits by promoting it.

    It's designed to appeal to network marketers who are
    struggling and failing in their businesses and who are
    asking themselves why.

    It captures peoples' contact info and keeps track of them.
    They get a free ebook that gives them answers to their
    most pressing problems.

    And it gives us an opportunity to form a relationship with
    that person by offering our mentoring services for free.

    What impresses people the most is that the training is all
    generic and free and never mentions any company or
    business opportunity.

    It does have a few tools available for purchase, all under $20,
    but these are not commission products. Nobody gets paid when
    somebody buys any of these available tools.

    When asked where the money goes, it goes back into
    the system which benefits its members as a whole.

    When asked why we do free mentoring, what's in it for us, we
    tell them: 1. it feels great to help someone, and;
    2. sometimes people ask us what our primary business is.

    Only when they ask about our business do we share that with
    them. And we will not sponsor anybody unless they have gone
    through our free training first.

    The Mentoring For Free system costs us $19.95 per month
    and it includes 10 websites and splash pages, ad tracking,
    campaign manager, tell-a-friend, autoresponder and hours
    of audio and video training on Web 2.0, psychology, etcetera.

    It's a complete lead generation and MLM leadership training system.
    Again, it's not a money-making business opportunity. We do not
    earn money when somebody signs up.

    To Your Success!
    Rob Nyte
  2. Breanne

    Breanne Guest

    I think Mentoring For Free is a great program, especially for people that don't have money to invest into training or schooling. From what I know they are a very supportive community who truly cares about the people they are helping. They have no hidden agenda and it is a good place to bring someone new to learn how to market their business as well as how to choose the right business for them.

    I am not in Mentoring For Free, but I do know people who are and have been and I have only heard great things about it. I would encourage any one to invest in their education about internet marketing, and that is a great place to start with that. I know for me it wasn't until I found my mentor that things really turned around for me. Education makes all the difference in this industry.
  3. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    Thank you Breanne. And I have to say how impressed we are with you and with your training and with your team. Your mentor is Danny Arrington, isn't that right? Top notch guy. Top notch team he has. We need more people like all of you in this industry.

    I want to add here that Mentoring For Free training is all generic and can be used to build almost ANY network marketing business as long as it meets certain criteria. Because some businesses you just can't build no matter how good the training is.

    Those criteria are considered one by one in depth as part of the Mentoring For Free training. After learning what they are it's mind boggling to us to see how many people come to the realization on their own with the information we give them that they need to make a few changes - some big, some small - in their careers in order to succeed.

    We train people to REALLY think about their businesses critically when they come to us asking for help. These are people who are struggling and failing and don't know why. We can help them figure it out for themselves. We never tell people WHAT to think, we show them HOW to think.

    If they discover that their company is a good one and it is behaving, then we help them make the necessary adjustments in their presentation or attitude, etcetera, so they can have success in their own MLM business opportunity.

    Sometimes it's just a simple matter of helping them do the things that attract leads effectively on a consistent basis and then to train them on exactly what to say to those leads once they find them.

    But if they figure their company is screwing them, then we'll help them salvage what they can and show them a business where they are better appreciated and certainly much better paid for their time and effort, if that's what they really want for themselves.

    Some don't ever want to persue MLM again, not right away anyway. And that's fine, too. At least they are now educated and bulletproofed against ever getting scammed again in the future. And that's what counts. That's why we do Mentoring For Free.

    It not only allows us to connect with people who need our help, it actually allows us to do good for the industry and for people as a whole.

    Thanks again for your comments.

    Your friends,
    Rob Nyte

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