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  1. WhiteSox

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    I was wondering if anyone has answers to the following questions regarding the Miami Rally. My sponsor is not sure at this point. I'm bringing a guest to sign up. He'll sign under me. His two kids will sign under him. They won't be at the rally but I will. Can I sign them up that way even though I'm the only one going?

    Also, I heard that they will be accepting credit cards with an attachment to sign that states the sale is not refundable which is totally understandable. I really need to know this before I go there and also would like to know that the money will be funded ASAP unlike the Tampa fiasco.

    There really isn't any concrete answers posted anywhere regarding these and other important issues. Every time I join the Tuesday night conference there are technical issues and I get kicked out. This might have been touched on last night??

    Love the back and forth info provided on this blog! Thanks to everyone who contributes!
  2. iggyigette

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    1. You as a sponsor can bring money for your downline. The 2 Kids are considered your 2nd Level Downline so you (or your guest) can bring money for the kids (assuming they aren't 8 year old kids). I would recommend that if you have not already done so, have your guest and his 2 kids sign up for the Free Membership so that they would have their ASD Membership numbers available.

    2. They will be accepting Credit Card Payments...and you would have to sign a Waiver stating NO REFUNDS.

    3. I heard that ASD will bring their computers with them and will be inputting your Money Immediately on the spot so that you don't have to wait 2 weeks to get it credited to your account...(I hope it's not the ONLY computer they the ONE fax number)...

    Of course I could be wrong on all these points....
  3. bluedog24

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    I called and asked customer service today about the computer question...the girl I talked to thought that there would be a computer would be there only for people who needed to start a free account, before they put money in at the rally. She could be wrong though, I'm just curious where you heard this...
    And, she also mentioned they may only take certain types of credit cards...she didn't know what those were though...
  4. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    Andy mentioned it in yesterday evening's teleconference...of course there was tons of static over the phone and my hearing aids was beeping...
  5. WhiteSox

    WhiteSox New Member

    Thanks for the input here.....I'm supposed to get word from someone at ASD concerning this tomorrow. I'll post what I find out in case others are interested.

    Night folks......Sack time in the South East!
  6. vikingfan

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    If anyone here is going to be in Miami for the rally please post anything announced there. I heard today that they have so many people RSVP that they might have to do TWO sessions on Saturday.

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