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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by mjpenney, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. mjpenney

    mjpenney New Member

    Does anyone know anything about this Work from Home company? They sound really good-but I am new to this work at home from on the internet and I really don't know which company is a scam. Any information would be great.
  2. Network44

    Network44 New Member

    I've done some research on this but still haven't concluded if any of these are legit. You must know there's an awful lot of work from home scams out there. I was informed that many of these data entry companies are not telling you the truth. In order for you to receive serious consideration for data entry work from home, whereas data entry companies actually have clients/businesses, you must type 60 wpm or more and be able to use a 10 key without any mistakes. Are there other types data entry work out there? I believe so, but use CAUTION! Only deal with vendors that have customer support, a phone number, email address, some way to contact them. But, BEWARE! You may never get a response. For example, I contacted one data entry vendor who claims you will make large sums of money from home. I emailed them with valid questions, never heard from them. Obviously, they are looking for naive or gullible people.

    I bought mintjobs and it has worked for me, but a couple of the other ones I bought did not , so be careful.
  3. mizan

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    I'm interest to work data entry program. some one recommend me minitjobs. i'm thinking about it. please more information about minitjobs.who join there program.

    with thanks

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