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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by vagabond, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. vagabond

    vagabond New Member

    I was offered a position from this company by e-mail and also one from a similar company shortly after for basically the same position of transferring money, one calls it payment processor, the other check assist manager. I did not directly apply to either company that I know of but I have been looking for work online. I need to know if they are legit, it seems a little like those scams where they want you to cash a check that is no good or something, they want you to have a checking account that they deposit money in and then you withdraw the money and, after holding out your commission you wire it somewhere else. so you get a commission plus a base salary of 2300 per month which is also deposited into your account. I know it sounds way too good and way to fishy to be for real but if it is and a pass I will hate myself. So please, let me know quick, I know you guys have seen it all and if its a scam you should know about it.
  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    As with all such offers, assume it is a scam unless YOU can prove otherwise.
    No such offer by email has ever been proven legit to my knowledge.
    I get a few dozen a day.
  3. vagabond

    vagabond New Member

    Yeah, I kinda knew that but hey, it never hurts to dream. Thanks
  4. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    vagabond: it never hurts to dream.
    It only hurts when you wake up.
    I hate to see people get scammed.
    Wouldn't want to squash anyone's dream of easy money.
    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
  5. Noveldog

    Noveldog New Member

    I received the same email from Mitissan Service Ltd, and it sounded too good to be true. An article from the Washington Post by Brian Krebs dated 9/5/2009 details exactly what is going on with these people. Companies have been taken for $70k to $100k or more by sending funds only to have them vanish from their account. Krebs calls them bank robbers. I would say steer clear of these people.
  6. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I have never heard of them before, to tell you the truth.

    I don't know, but is sounds a whole lot like a scam to me.

    Maybe you should stay away from them.
  7. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I have never heard of them personally but have had friends get scammed from similar offers. They will send you a 'supposedly good' check which you will deposit into your account, and then you will wire a certain amount to someone else... well after a bit your bank tells you that the original check was no good - that there is no such bank account - BUT the check YOU wired out IS good so guess what. All the money you THOUGHT you had is now no good, but you have a huge debt with the money you just sent off and the scammers have already cashed YOUR check which was good....and yep, no one can find them.

    Your bank will probably work with you on it but it is a nasty ordeal.

    That's a rather crude explanation but does it make sense now?

    It is a nightmare - don't do it.
  8. vagabond

    vagabond New Member

    Yeah, I have heard of those before and thought it was either something like that or even if everything they said was true and the money was good if they are paying me $2300 a month plus commission on all the money I wired there is no way it is legal. I wish I could figure out which job site they got my info from though, since that I have started getting way more of those e-mails from the supposed soldier that wants to send you money to hold for him than I ever got before. I have an account with Snag a job, and a couple of others that they could have got my e-mail from. sad world when its not safe to look for work.
  9. sherry1807

    sherry1807 New Member

    I received the same e-mail two days ago. I left it go until I had a chance to check out the company. I sure am glad to have come across this sight! Now I know that I will report it as spam and not even think twice about it [​IMG] Thanks everyone for making my decision much easier.
  10. arrowhead

    arrowhead New Member

    It does sound very unreasonable, I would stay clear from this type of company. I've seen many more like this. Let me ask, where did you hear from this company? Did they contact you first? Where did they get your information from?
  11. One Big Scam to add to all the others!!

    To earn a living online takes hard work, commitment and a determination to succeed.
  12. tazzy916

    tazzy916 New Member

    I was offered a position and I received a check but nobody will cash it. It is a scam [​IMG]
  13. kris0217

    kris0217 New Member

    I have actually just completed my first "task" for them. They told me the money put into my account would be going within the US but it went to the Ukraine and Russia. My niece talked to her mom about it as she was going to apply to do this also. Her mother told her that they get you to give them your account information, they do a transfer with money that is stolen from other people and then they raid your account. I don't know. I just made about $300 from the transfer that I did for them. I am going to keep only a small amount in the account and see what happens.
  14. vagabond

    vagabond New Member


    Could you update me on what has happened since? I have basically ignored them but they are still sending me e-mails.

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