MLM (CSG) Guru's Exposed

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    This is an article I got from Robert Blackman. It also applies to the CSG Gurus that are being promoted.

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director/ Master Trainer
    Coastal Vacations


    I've just written a new Article called:

    "MLM Guru's Exposed!"


    I got a call yesterday from one of my Mastermind subscribers that prompted this

    I want you to print this out and read it carefully slowly.


    Because REGARDLESS of what level you are at:

    --New to the industry
    --Used to be in the industry
    --Have been in the industry for years

    Regardless of your experience and your knowledge you must acknowledge a common

    And, that truth is...

    (Drum roll here...)

    "Those so-called MLM Guru's don't have a $10,000+ a month MLM Check coming from
    their primary program. In fact, many got lucky and made $10,000 a month for a
    few months and then it fell apart. Plus, many of them have STOLEN the
    information that they have re-packaged and now sell to you and your downline!"

    Like a "thief in the night", these MLM Guru's are stealing your downline.

    They're also stealing your check.

    Then, they're also stealing your dream!
    (I stole that one from the old Amway

    My question to these guys (and gals) is this:

    "If your techniques, tips and insider secrets you charge so much money for work
    so well, why aren't you doing them yourself?"

    "If it's good for the Gander, why isn't it good for the Goose anymore?"

    Now, I have no problem with MLM Guru's who built a 6-figure check and just don't
    want to do it anymore and are still cashing their checks.

    I'm not beating them up today.

    I'm hitting those over the head with a hammer who NEVER built a 6-figure income
    check in any MLM program, (Or, they did for just a moment in time), yet they
    strut around like a Peacock selling, books, tapes, and seminars revealing the
    "SECRET" to you.


    Their secret is to sell information.

    Their secret is this:


    The difference between their teaching and my teaching is subtle, but hugely
    significant for your long term success:


    One subtle word in difference.

    WANT vs. NEED

    Want to hear.
    Need to hear.

    Huge Difference!

    Yet, it creates years and years and millions of dollars in difference for you.

    Lost income if your follow their advice.

    Temporary income if you follow their advice.

    Thousands spent on adwords that don't pull in orders if you follow their

    I love that these guys and gals teach:

    "Brand Yourself"

    "Generate Your Own Leads"

    "Don't Follow Leaders...Be a Leader"

    Boy, after 25 years in this business I WANT TO HEAR ALL THAT!


    But, the sad fact, it's not true.

    It's NEVER going happen.

    Let me spend a few moments uncovering those GURU's trendy words and sales copy
    here for you:


    I totally agree.

    But, 99% of your downline will never want to be branded.

    They don't know how to do it.

    They won't stay in long enough to do it.

    They don't have the budget to do it.

    And, to BRAND YOURSELF you have to do something worthy of being branded...which
    only 1% will ever do.

    So, are they selling their courses to just the 1%?

    No, they are selling their courses to the 99% who want to become the 1%, but
    never will.

    Let me say that again, so it will soak into your mind today:

    "No, they are selling their courses to the 99% who want to become the 1%, but
    never will."

    They will never take action!

    The last action they will EVER take is ordering the Guru's course.

    The course arrives, they kick it into the corner and go about their lives.

    And, in about 4 weeks, they go online and buy another Guru's course saying the
    first one doesn't work.

    Yet, they never cracked open the case it arrived in.

    Or, if they did read or listen to it, they refuse to put a consistent, reliable
    and common sense game plan together.

    The masses will NEVER do it.

    They will never stay in long enough to brand themselves.

    I know that, and every Guru knows that.

    Yet, they feel it's okay to sell courses that promote something that will never happen.

    They are selling you things you want to hear, plain and simple.

    #2 Generate Your Own Leads

    I just love this one.

    How many people in your downline know how to write Attention Pulling Ad Copy?

    How many people in your downline can sit down over a weekend...

    Robert Blackman
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    What's Robert Blackman selling?
  3. luvtravel

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    Quoting: goldmillsWhat's Robert Blackman selling?


    Good one.

    (he sells leads)

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    I think the bottom line here is how motivated all of us are to actually make a living from home. All of us have bought those courses that basically say the same things over and over. Until we actually try something, nothing will ever change. That was why I got into Coastal Vacations. I was DESPERATE. Desperation is a good motivator and it has worked for me so far. If people aren't hungry for change in their life then nothing will ever work because everything that is worth doing requires work and effort BEYOND what you are doing now. Most of us have full time jobs so we are working at least 40 hours and coming home each night to spend time on you homebased business. Our business is like a child. If you don't feed it and show it attention it will not thrive. Sadly, most people who have the desire to work from home don't have the dedication to stick it out when they aren't making money in the first 6 weeks much less 6 months. Owning your own business is not a hobby.
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    Robert Blackman is a very successful network marketer. I have read about him in different places and if you just listen to him and his advice then I think that you will also be very successful just like he is.

    He is for real.


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