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    MLM Leads are the easiest type of leads to obtain....and I am not talking about going out and buying them either. I am talking about using social media and doing very easy online networking.

    If you are still listening to the people who would have you believe that unless you listen to old school veterans who haven't really even faced the reality of finding a hot QUALIFIED MLM Lead online then you are (as my mom would say)

    Social media changed everything. EVERYTHING. You can be BRAND NEW in this industry and generate NUMEROUS streams of income while adding some very strong, highly qualified and TRAINED reps to your downline in a VERY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME.

    I won't do business with someone who simply reads me something that they read on their company training site.

    I am sure they would tell me that I am missing out. That's fair.

    But I want and expect more from my business partners. And I get it, too. But I give it as well.

    I want YOU. I want your authentic self. I want to know your story and why you got into MLM. And I expect you to be able to communicate with me without telling me about your MLM. If that is all you are thinking about as you make new contacts, then you seem desperate to me.

    Tell me about your family, your ups and downs in life....let me relate to you. Give me a chance to be inspired by you.

    "Danny, I don't want to do business like that".


    I am not alone. I am a growing reality that is sick and tired of being dealt out BS as bait.

    Here is what your market place is SCREAMING FOR. Learn to deliver these things and your life will change.

    1. Authenticity. Transparency. Congruency.

    You don't want to give me those things? No worries. Your market will find someone who will. YOUR COMPANY/PRODUCT IS THE LAST THING ON THEIR MIND!

    I just gave you my #1 secret.

    2. Personal service and training. This is #2 on the list for a reason. If you don't have #1, #2 doesn't matter. Get it?

    But just because it comes second does not mean that it's not CRITICAL that you have this nailed down.

    So, design some sort of consistent approach to training. Don't just plug people into some conference call and try to impress them with how many people are on there. THAT IS WEAK! Sit down and write out what you are learning as you grow your business. Put YOUR name on it and then give it away. You will build fans who will turn into MLM Leads for you.

    Scary? Yes. But I taught myself that when that fear is present...success is near. And so I LOVE the feeling of being scared to death about an idea.

    3. Learn and then teach your market how to build short term income streams from marketing tools (this is EASY to do online). If you use an autoresponder, make sure you are doing classes on how to use it so that your downline will buy it and learn it from YOU.

    I earn thousands each month just from that type of income.

    Can you tell your market that? If you can, then you should be able to easily attract MLM Leads!

    How much easier would it be to recruit if you could also say:
    "Let's be honest, it may take some number of months to build a good residual income. However, I will teach you how to add MULTIPLE streams of income just by teaching your down line how to use the tools that they will have to buy...and they will have to buy them with you or without you. But that income is exactly what you will need to get you through those rough few months."

    Instead, when asked how quickly they can expect to be successful, they are told "it's up to you." UUUGH!

    "All the potential in the world could go to waste if you cannot show fast income results to your new leaders."

    That has always been one of MLM's biggest issues. Keeping someone's head in the game for the first year when the money isn't flowing. You add massive value and become very attractive when you can teach someone to earn money instantly while building the back end with the right people.

    Plus, they are no longer desperate to put people they won't be spending time with people who should have never gotten in to begin with.

    You getting this?


    Attracting targeted MLM Leads is so easy. But sometimes you have to really take a good hard look at who you are listening to.

    Social Media has changed the game the same way that steroids changed baseball....but without the congressional inquiries! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you are really ready to make it to the top, learn how to ATTRACT and make a pledge to STOP CHASING PEOPLE INTO YOUR BUSINESS.

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    This is such an interesting post. Hard to believe it's been sitting here for over 2 months without attracting a response at all. And it's author's even pretty goodlooking ...
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    I agree. Certainly one of the most important things is to provide your team with as much helpful info as possible. Let them know you are there for them (but dont baby them)

    Good Post
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    I agree also, great post.
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    Great post.

    The headline might not be attractive to click on it. That's why it is sitting for months before someone click.

    Just joking.
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    Attraction Marketing is THE way to establish long term fresh traffic to one's website. I am in total aggreement. I get more traffic now, from my blog and my articles, than I can shake a stick at. Plus, it's truly targeted traffic. People who stop by and take a look are there because they want to be there, and they are looking for what I am offering, or they are looking to network and share ideas, both are wins for me and for the visitor. I have placed more people in my downline this way than with all the leads I ever purchased. I will NEVER purchase another lead again, ever.
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    web20mentor: Scary? Yes. But I taught myself that when that fear is present...success is near. And so I LOVE the feeling of being scared to death about an idea.
    This idea is key. If you can learn to accept fear as a positive emotion then it will no longer inhibit your success!
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    Helping your fellow or potential biz partner to understand what it takes to be successful in their online business pursuits or networking business is key. Those who do will find that success will come in due course. 1-3 years is the average time that it has taken very successful networkers to get their earning up over $20K a month.

    Success itself is not difficult, ones demand for instant success is often their greatest barrier to achieving the dreams they've envisioned.
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    I haven't heard from Danny in a while (I check the forum every now and then). Perhaps he was forced to go get an honest job?? Mlm's a tough sell in this economy - better go find real work!
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    Your always so brutal. Perhaps that is why you have always had such a tough time in your business ventures?

    Either way, no, I'm still here brother. I do a LOT of other stuff besides patrol forums trying to knock peoples heads off with negativity.

    Haven't seen anything from you in a while....negativity is a lifetime sentence so I am sure you will pop up again shortly.


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    LOL Great stuff Danny!

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