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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by malvinyoung, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. malvinyoung

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm a traditional network marketer with ACN and I'm doing very well with building my team. I still think the old school way of building your network marketing business works but I also think generating leads online might be worth it. So I checked out mlsp which is an online leads platform to help you brand yourself and generate leads. It seem's like a pretty simple system for someone who know's what they are doing. Anyway has anyone on here tried this system before?
  2. Aaronbiz

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    Hi Malvin,

    I have not had a test drive of the MLSP system, BUT I have attended several of the MLSP webinars.

    If you want to get an understanding of what "value" is possible, why not attend a webinar.

  3. FreeCashMan

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    Old ways and new ways both work effectively if worked effectively. However online allows you access to more people than you can reach in your immediate surroundings.

    I've successfully used online marketing to connect and build a successful business with people all over the USA and globe without leaving the house. Now that is awesome![​IMG]

    Now MLSP is supposedly another attraction marketing program that will increase one's success. There are some good quality reviews out there about it. If you don't know anything about online marketing it may help.

    But here's the deal. If you are looking to build a networking home business you simple need to go and mingle where people are looking for a networking business or have been in one in the past and would be open to another. That's attraction marketing.

    If you have a decent website and good income producing opportunity and you generate 3-5 leads a day, that's quality targeted leads, you shouldn't have any problem steadily building your business. If you are there yet then you know what you need to focus on.

    There isn't a universal magic solution for all that instantly manifest results. However consistent, proper and effective marketing that generates activity will lead to success.

    Most people don't understand building up the momentum first and just get our here look for instant results when they haven't established any momentum. This really applies to those just getting started.

    So go where the people are with a capture page and autoresponder, and hopefully a good income producing business, and start building your momentum and let greatness come. It's waiting for you!
  4. Mflaclair

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    Hello Malvin,

    The old method will work OK if you are well connected. You can take your ACN business to a brand new level using the internet to create leads. I would much rather use the internet than run around
    sifting through sand to find someone that may be intererested in my service and or business. I search directly for GOLD now. Not everyone is your prospect even if they use the services you offer! I look for leads that need, want, and desire what I want. I don't waste my time on the others. You can take your business 5 fold by using the internet which is one of the (3) tools for success in this business.

    Best Regards - Marc LaClair

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