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  1. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Are you trying to make money in affiliate marketing?

    The new frontier is in mobile phone marketing - Cell Phone Cashflow. Affiliate marketers that have been able to effectively "crack the code" are doing very well.

    I've looked at several courses in the past and it wasn't until I saw Mobile Monopoly video course did I see a clear and definitive way to succeed with affiliate marketing to cell phone users and MAKE MONEY. This is why I wanted to make sure others knew about this course.

    If you are looking for a way to make money from home using affiliate marketing then you've got to take a looking a generating Cell Phone Cashflow with Mobile Monopoly.

    The cost per click for mobile phones is an average of .05 cents or less, depending on the regions selected for marketing.

    The source I was exposed to for Cell Phone Cashflow had, and I share, an exclusive webinar video presentation where a clear and definitive money making and list building marketing campaign is given to you to see how it works, and more importantly you can apply that campaign with ease and start cashflowing and list building.

    The other more powerful thing that you will get from the Mobile Monopoly course is how to effectively build a massive targeted list from around the globe with demographics from sex, age, location, and things of interest. Having such a list will allow you to then follow up and offer more products to these consumers and make more affiliate income. With certain techniques, you can actually build a list and get paid to do it. Adam Horwitz the developer of the course created a 20K list in approximately 30 days, and has clearly revealed his technique.

    If you are serious about affiliate marketing then I would suggest you take a look at generating Cell Phone cashflow using the Mobile Monopoly course. No SEO, website page creations, PPC strategies, etc. to worry about.

    Get in while this new marketing territory is untamed and bearly tapped into, and wide open for massive cashflow for affiliate marketers.

    Also, a Big Bonus with this course is you get 7 already PROVEN money earning campaigns to start your cell phone cashflow with.

    This is truly one of those affilate marketing courses that is worth having. It was just released a week ago, and has generated $1.5 Million in sales for a $77 course.

    Get your Cell Phone Cashflow going with Mobile Monopoly.
    Main site is here:

    I've got 2 campaigns set to go now. Depending on your experience you can be ready to go in a couple hours, to maybe a day or 2 if you are new to affiliate marketing and need to get set up with some networks.

    Mobile Monopoly - Cell Phone Cashflow is a winner. More updates to come.
  2. dslavinski

    dslavinski New Member

    What makes this system so new and how does it really work?
  3. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    FreeCashMan: I've looked at several courses in the past and it wasn't until I saw Mobile Monopoly video course did I see a clear and definitive way to succeed with affiliate marketing to cell phone users and MAKE MONEY.
    Free CashMan... I came across the sales page for Mobile Monolopy a few days ago and was immediately reminded of Mack Michaels' Cell Phone Cash course. I believe you are familiar with that course as well.

    I imagine the subject matter would be similar since they both deal with mobile marketing, but how do the two courses compare? Would you recommend one over the other, which one, and why?

  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    True, I've went through the Cell Phone Cash Course of Mack Michaels, it was informative but didn't really give you clear concrete means to start making money with it. His primary suggestion was driving people to a video or to call-in offers or strategies for generating leads and affiliate commissions.

    Leads from cell phone users calling-in would seem a natural fit, but not necessarily practical for all things being marketed, or more so you need a set up to take the calls. There are some offers that one can make affiliate commissions from leads that call, and that is great. At the time it wasn't necessarily easy to get qualified for that affiliate network or platform, and there are limited affiliate networks using the call-in offers method.

    To sum things up, Mack's course didn't leave me feeling like I could really easily take advantage of cell phone marketing AND make money SIMPLY. It was a great informative course that really was worth the money, but it had too many other pieces I had to put together to try and make it work for me effectively. I did one campaign from his course using a video, but it didn't get me any positive results, but that could have been what I was marketing and the fact that it take an additional substantive step for the lead to pull up your link from the typical youtube video.

    In the end, I felt more informed about a good thing than how to really use a good thing for my benefit without having to go through a bunch of trial and error to get it right.

    Fast forward over a year later, and mobile monopoly comes out and just really shows one how to implement and generating cell phone cashflow from mobile marketing by given one clear and precise information and campaigns to use.

    With Mobile Monopoly, one "really gets it", in terms how to put the marketing into action and get immediate positive results from affiliate commissions to rapid list building. He's got 7-8 videos on exact campaigns he has run successfully, that one can copy because the market is so wide and not saturated. And even if you didn't go with Adam Horwitz exact offers you know how to apply what he has done to whatever offers you want to market, and achieve affiliate marketing success.

    There's a video on my cell phone cash blog that shows clearly how to immediately use mobile marketing to generate affiliate commission with simple email/zip submits and simultaneously build your list of buyers for free. It's really on point. This video isn't even part of the course, it was from a webinar he did, so it's an additional proven campaign that one gets on how to apply mobile marketing for affiliate commissions and massive list building of buyers and prospects.

    What closed the deal for me was how he tweaked aweber autoresponder form to make it a simple capture page on the cell phone, to get the cell phone users to opt-in and provide their email for follow up of other offers that pay higher commissions or recurring commissions via Clickbank, for example. After having completed the Cell Phone Cash Course of Mack M., I knew this was the missing piece for me, and I think for many others.

    You get the basic aweber a/r form tweak software plateform with the course, and then he has an optional upgrade for a monthly service, that will make more advance forms with videos in the form, etc. to help generate more cell phone cashflow. It worth it but, not required to implement what one gets in the course and to start making commissions and building a list.

    Also, mobile monopoly discusses how to use several mobile phone marketing platforms, particularly some ones that are great for non-USA markets, versus Mack Michaels' cell phone cash course. I think that non-USA market is even more ripped for affiliate marketing. From what I understand they've had more advance forms in overseas markets and have been buying on cell phones for longer than the USA market. Which simply means there's going to be a ton of money to be made as the USA market becomes more comfortable with doing purchases via their cell phones.

    The only thing missing in Mobile Monopoly is how to exactly create some free reports to offer people for the list building, but that not a deal breaker as such can easily be done without sourcing or a collaboration of articles from the internet. If anyone has any questions on that they can contact me.

    Plus, I know of one person that starting building his list without offering a free report, just using the aweber form and a email/zip submit on the back in. He recovered the cost of his campaign and got 129 subscribers to his list. That equals free list building!

    I don't see much of any downside to the Mobile Monopoly course and I don't think one can go wrong with it, and it is clearly the better value of the two.
  5. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Thanks for breaking that down for me so clearly and completely. Very useful information!

    FreeCashMan: I think that non-USA market is even more ripped for affiliate marketing. From what I understand they've had more advance forms in overseas markets and have been buying on cell phones for longer than the USA market.
    That's true. The overseas markets have always been a step ahead of the US when it comes to their comfort level and familiarity using mobile technology to make purchases.

    Consequently, marketers to those groups would experience a lower threshold of buying resistance, better conversion rates and higher profits.

    That fact also suggests that the opportunity is ripe for the astute marketer to lay the ground work now and get into position to ride the wave when the US market gets up to speed.

    I appreciate the feedback!

  6. Waterchild

    Waterchild New Member

    How much would a person need on average as an initial investment to make money with this course?
  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Finally got a couple of campaigns going. One thing is for sure a hot campaign will bring ramped clicks. Like hundreds in hours.

    It's pretty easy to direct linked to affiliate offers with mobile phone marketing. Some of my ring tone offers didn't make any sales yet, but I had a free trial chat offer that came one sale from break-even the first day, which was good. Freaking 315 clicks in a few hours at .5 cents.

    Will be looking into "call-in offers" since I just got approved for one, to see how that goes. Then there is of course the powerful list building aspect of it. Which is where you want to ultimately go with this. Build the list and have the ability to follow up, but the right direct marketing campaign can take off as well.

    Generating cell phone cashflow marketing to the billions of global cell phone users is still in its infancy and still has massive income potential.

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