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    Hi all,

    Haven't been around for awhile because I bought BANS, 20 domain names and had a heck of a week.

    First let me explain, I am technologically challenged[​IMG]. Give me a website wizard and I'm fine. LOL

    I don't know php or css.

    The templates the program offers are bland. Trying to customize the templates is not straight forward at all (at least for me). Even some of the free templates on the internet did not work (you could see the code) on your website.

    The other places that offer templates want an arm and a leg.

    So customization was and is not an option for me. Leaving me with a bland looking site at best.

    Well I ran across another program that is more user friendly and suited for newbies. Its called Mony Tree. They have different membership levels (per month fee). And you can take a 30 day trial for .99 ( sorry I meant .99 cents). It's worth a try if you want to get your feet wet or tried other niche store products.


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    Thanks - I'll have to check it out, although I'm a big fan of BANS!

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