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  1. treevee

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    They are looking for affiliates to go out and market their company's savings on credit card processing and equipment to new and existing businesses. No selling is required, affiliates are the link between the business owner and the sales rep. They want $100 (unrefundable) up front and they set you up with a website, training, coaching and support. You have to pay $20/month for web-hosting. Was wondering if anyone's heard of this or know anyone that has been involved with this company??? I think that I could do this kind of work but don't want to waste my time if it's a scam or the sort!
  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    treevee: They want $100 (unrefundable) up front and they set you up with a website, training, coaching and support. You have to pay $20/month for web-hosting.
    You have to pay them to give business to them? Amazing!
  3. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    I would stay away from these guys. I think Vishal hit it on the head with his comment. Why would you have to pay them to market their product?
  4. "Never pay to get hired" - this is the golden rule for every WAH
  5. 14u2trust

    14u2trust New Member

    I paid $349.00 to MRS thru a company that called my home "Superior Enterprise Solutions" I was told by Freddy Roberts 1-602-957-6261
    that I had 90 days for refund. So I agree'd to pay and look over contract to learn more. Of course I was told, it was to good to be true, Once ordering under taped conversation with a MRS agent I heard for the first time "non refundable". I said no way and was transferred back to Mr. Roberts. He then insured me "I have 90days but don't tell no one I said that" and sweetened the deal by allowing 1 month fee for hosting to be waived.
    When I looked at my bank statement I have been charged an extra 19.99 for Nov. So I called to cancel and get my money back.
    I was told the charge was non refundable and I had to submit a complaint to customer
    I then spoke with Bob Scott a coach for MRS and he stated he was going to fire that guy once he listened to the tapes that told me of a refund.

    I am waiting for my money but plan to start major blog,forums,reviews to help others. So far I have limited info:

    BBB status "e" and only in business for a few month,with over a dozen complaints (some have been resolved)

    MRS is the D.B.A. for Maximum Business Concepts L.L.C. doing business under an Affiliate Marketing Program.

    MRS won a law suite for ...........(do not quote SLANDER). So if you do plan to help in the fight against corruption on the www.
    Do not repeat or state any false accusations.
  6. 14u2trust

    14u2trust New Member

    I have created a petition for myself and others to see just how many people have been mislead by MRS and 3rd party companies of Maximum Business Concepts L.L.C.. If a class action lawsuit is organized this list will be forwarded to Law office of Attorney who represent us.

    Copy & Paste this link! It will help!

    I received a call from Mr.Bob Scott (Marketing Director for MRS) We spoke for 10 minutes about ALASKA. When I told him that we had already spoke and that I was the person that wasn't in it for the money. I told him that I wanted to give my referrals the money that I would receive for start up and a % of every transaction to save my clients money. Mr. Scott stated that the affiliate program is for the affiliate to make money not to help people.
    As soon as I said that Mr. Bob Scott hung up the phone. I hope he doesn't call back. I would not want to have to teach Mr. Bob Scott a lesson on Marketing. Lesson #1 Do not hang up on your affiliates. Lesson #2 Saving people, time and money will make you money if you offer a real savings to them they will advertise for you for free.
  7. 14u2trust

    14u2trust New Member

    Today, I received a call from Daniel Valdez a rep for
    Aviz in Arizona. I told her that I would listen to the offer but only
    if she agreed the call would be taped.Then after listening, Mr.Daniel
    Valdez said to me. That he had been in business for 10yrs and made
    286,000. He stated he is a certified agent.I questioned that I thought
    it sounded to good to true and he said I would have to be retarded, I
    commented that I did not have to listen to him and he hung up on me.

    Please let others know about MRS so they to do not become victims.

    I would love to know how much these companies are saving switching to
    MRS. I never had the opportunity because I was lied to about a refund
    and would not move past that until it was corrected. I am not as much
    interested in making money but to saving people money.
  8. 14u2trust

    14u2trust New Member

    Merchant Referral Solutions have informed me that they are currently working to stop 3rd party companies from misleading others. It was not the practices of MRS that lead me to inform the public. It was a 3rd party company and I thank MRS for working with me to correct the misinformation I received from Superior Enterprise Solutions.
    Once I finally contacted MRS directly I was taken seriously and received very satisfactory customer service. I was informed that MRS was not at all responsible for misleading me but they would work with 3rd party to correct this situation. I am currently looking into a merchant account with MRS because now I know that MRS cares about their clients and have a great customer service.
  9. treevee

    treevee Member

    Are you serious? MRS made it all right? That is wonderful news! I just wanted to tell you that you can join for $100 -- don't let them take any more than that. You make the same commission as you would if you invested the $300.

    Keep us informed as to how their training and support goes. I wonder if it's worth investing the $$$?
  10. jstchecking

    jstchecking New Member

    Has anyone been successful at this business? I paid almost 300 to get started and just spoke to MRS why are some only paying 100. the reply was that all will pay 495 total so when you lease the machine and are supposed to be paid 500 you will get only the amount left over after the full 495 has been paid to be an affiliate. Everyone pays 495 and thats why it says up to 500 in the part a agreement. I was told once reached the full 495 I would make 500 commission. I was told it is not mandatory to join marketing programs and can be successful without it but marketing grows the business. I said that should be covered as we are the marketing but in order to have more business contact us to market the business that is the marketing. I just hope that there are no other hidden fees as I was never told the full price is 495. I thought I would get 500 until reading the up to part. I was never told this on the phone. Ive paid the 300 already so am going to continue and see where it takes me and If I make money im more worried about giving my info for taxes and bank account.
  11. jaws810

    jaws810 New Member

    I just paid $250 for the $500 startup package that includes a website for $20 a month, business cards and a personal marketing consultant, and I get $500 per installed unit plus 50% of the merchant fees on all charges made with the unit, and an agreement to pay the other $250 only if 10 units are installed before 60 days. So they will prove that their systemworks,I'll make $5000 in less than 60 days or I don't pay the balance, and if I don't make anything I cancel the account. I'll post more info an how and if it works in a couple weeks.
    If it don't work I lose $290 ($250+$40 for web hosting), I've lost more than that in a couple hours at a casino, BUT if it works i'll make $5000 in less than 60 days plus monthly service fees for as long as the unit is active.
  12. jstchecking

    jstchecking New Member

    Def seems like they are telling people many different things. I registered for an EIN for protection in case not completely legit instead of giving a social security number. Still dont completely protect you but it is easier to trace the fraud I guess. I just hope its all legit and I can make some money doing this because I really need the blessing of having money coming in as I am a freelance worker.
  13. 14u2trust

    14u2trust New Member

    I will not give up and I will follow up to see your progress. I have closed the petition on the grounds that MRS is not responsible for Freddie Roberts statements. He works for ABIZ, and they are the ones responsible.
    I will be working for justice, this is the first case for 14u2Trust and I
    have to succeed for other clients to see that I will not except a payoff.
    It is unacceptable for 14u2Trust to allow other victims to suffer by not stopping the corrupt organizations from victimizing citizens.
  14. blackGhost85

    blackGhost85 New Member

    If this work out for any body please let me know. I have looked on the internet to see what people are saying MRS, it and it is not good. Most people are saying that it is more fees then what was first talked about with the salesperson. But no one have said that it does not work. I want to see if any one have try to make sale and what happened. Please post.
  15. msr648

    msr648 New Member

    Has anyone had any success with Merchant Referral Solutions (MRS) ?

    I was first contacted by them 10 days ago and was asked about my desire to conduct a work-at-home business based upon my interest submitted on the Internet. Specifically, I would provide marketing leads to MRS that they will close for me for which I will receive $500 per card terminal installed as a result of the Customer switching over to MRS to receive lower percentage rates for credit card processing fees for VISA/MC/AMEX/DISCOVER credit cards (or get the same rates they had before) but with the additional ability that no one else offers of them being able to qualify for Cash Advances up to $250,000 based upon their business' monthly income.

    I agreed to pay a $195.00 non-refundable membership fee plus $19.95/mo. for my Affiliate MRS website because I was told that I would get at least $500.00 on the first close they make for me. I received a Fed Ex pkg a few days later with my membership portfolio and access to my new MRS website with my specific Affiliate member # (ABIZ-NNNNNN). I have now been asked to buy 15,000 leads for $30,000. With a low ball, successful closing rate of 1.5% of all leads = 225 closes. At a minimum $500 for only one terminal per close will provide for me a return of $112,500 on a $30K investment.

    Has anyone heard this approach or made any money like this? You can also get 2.5% on the first cash advance and 1.5% on the second advance. Thirdly, you get a monthly residual income of 50% of all processing fees that MRS receives each month from each business the Affiliate has EVERY MONTH for as long as each business stays in business!!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ANY SUCCESS YOU HAVE HAD!!
  16. kanchana

    kanchana New Member

    Not i!!!
    I lost my initial $495. And my subsequent $30,000 (coincidentally the same amount in your example question).
    I had no results after a month and a half of paying $30k for their supposed advertising; i am having a hard time getting my disputed charges on my american express card.

    I disputed the charges after 1 and 1/2 months of no return on my investment. The ad campaign was to have begun immediately, but each time i called to inquire about the status, i was given a different story! It never got started, although when they, business intelligence solutions (the name on my receipt for the $495 and the $30k advertising campaign) sent amex phony copies of charges for so-called calls made on my behalf to substanciate that they provided the contracted services to me.
    Bottom line: Be forewarned. Stay away! Good luck!

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  17. 14u2trust

    14u2trust New Member

    I am sorry to here, after all this discussion on MRS, the real problem is their 3rd party companies misinforming new affiliates.

    I was told Freddy Roberts worked for ABIZ, He stated he worked for SES. Their is alot of suspicious business practices going on
    because I just received a confirmation of SES Refunding all my money and it came from Bank Card Empire (BCE) Look that one up
    and you will wish you had done more research,Like me.

    Today, I received my chargeback paperwork and was surprised to find out that SES-Superior Enterprise Solutions must be a
    Bank Card Empire company because this copy of the email is from:

    From: "Christina Saldana"

    To: "Mike Evans"

    Subject: Superior Enterprise Solutions Customer Refund Notification

    Date: Fri 02/05/10 11:39 AM

    Name Type Save View
    Message text/plain Save

    ========= GENERAL INFORMATION =========

    Merchant : Superior Enterprise Solutions
    Date/Time : 05-Feb-2010 12:39:21 PM
    Transaction ID : 2832918314

    ========= ORDER INFORMATION =========
    Type : REFUND
    Invoice Number : 76593
    Description :
    Total : US $349.95
    Payment Method : Visa

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  18. redwolf

    redwolf New Member

    Regarding Merchants Referal Solutions. I suggest you go to the website I have just listed. I sure to appreciate that there is now place we can go to to check out the questionable Home Base Business.

    Keep in mind, 90% of Home Base Business make their money selling the dream and trying to get other people to sell the dream.
    Few promote an actual business.
  19. luv2scubagal

    luv2scubagal New Member


    I am so sick to my stomach right now....i think i just got scammed by MRS and i want to know how you were refunded. I think there is a law which allows a consumer to cancel a contract within 3 business days. Please help, tell me how you were refunded. I wish I would have said no but the opportunity seemed so good. Please reply ASAP. Thank you

  20. Kanga

    Kanga New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    We have the chance to have the forum where we can check on any business offer, we may receive please let's use it and listen to the sense of prudence and to those who have been here long before we got in to avoid this type of scam. I had in the past received offers of the same kind, i told those gentlemen simply that i was not interested and not to call back again. So brethen let's be careful.
    Remember when something is that good it is because there is always a catch, ask what it is? and even if you are very excited about it, let it aside always for few days to nurture, you will be surprised to find out, you really do not want it....

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