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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by mariav6, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. mariav6

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    I was a West Employee with no skill. This happened because I accidentally left my training logged in and my time expired. West would not give me more time and they kept telling me to check urgent news for a new skill.

    After 4 months of checking urgent news and receiving no skill, I re-applied using a different e-mail address and made it through the entire process as a new hire. As a new hire, you automatically get a skill.

    Try it! It worked for me!
  2. Danielle19755

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    when they asked in your application if you have previously worked with west did you put yes?
  3. lost101

    lost101 New Member

    I have been empoled with west for about 2 weeks and still yet to get a skill can anyone help me please
  4. mrsmtate

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    good luck i've been waiting almost a month for a new skill.... i dont want to chance messing around with what the original poster did.. it seems like that would just come back to bite you later...but i really do wish there would be some kind of communication from WAH about what the heck is going on EVER..
  5. mariav6

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    I put no. I never did work because they didn't give me a skill to work [​IMG]
  6. tropicalbenzo

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    i apply for west at home after 2 weeks i received my training i didnt know how its work? so i failed in the second test, i was so sad i call everybody in west also send e-mail and the same answer so i just leave it like that, i lost my chance i thought but after 3 week i thing or less maybe i got an e-mail saying this and also another e-mail later that day read:::::
    We have a need for additional agents for the Whirlpool Recall 2009 Spanish project and would like to extend this opportunity to you. You have 5 days to decide if you would like to accept this invitation and train on Whirlpool Recall 2009 Spanish. Accepting this opportunity is easy! Just click on the link below to access the Opportunities page on the Employee site and select the Sign Up option on the bottom of the page. We only have a limited number of available positions so if you're interested, please sign up quickly!!

    By accepting this opportunity you will be immediately assigned to this skill and may start your training right away. Please do not accept until you are ready to begin and complete the training. Upon acceptance of the opportunity, you will be directed to sign up for training schedules. If you receive an error message when attempting to select a training schedule, please proceed with training by selecting the 'Training' option at the top of the webpage.

    If you select the Not Interested option, your name will be removed from this training opportunity.

    View Opportunity

    We appreciate your interest in pursuing additional skills with West At Home!

    and this email also: (this e-mail is about when i failed my training , i ask if i can have another chance but i didnt have any asnwer until 2 days ago) read:::::::

    Thank you for your interest in WEST Corporation.

    Yes, you do have an opportunity to test for another skill. Go to the employee website under URGENT NEWS and when invitations for a skill are available they will be listed. You can retest on the skill you failed, six months from the date your failed the test.

    Cindy Morrison

    but you know what i gonna do this training and see how it is, and if i like it i reapply again right? what do you thing? im excited , i going to do my best for this training is very easy because its say is only 5 hours training finish in 7 days so i dont thing is going to be so dificult.........any advice>?please
  7. letsworkonline

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    I was hired by West about one week ago. I recieved training for Halo and passsed all that in like 5 hours. I am now just waiting to practice my skill so I can start earning money.
    I am very excited about this new job and am looking forward to it alot. I have been looking for something from home for sometime now. I'm sooo glad that I finally found something. Now maybe my husband will believe me that I can make money online.
    Any other ways to make money online please post it or email me. I'm up for anything, as long as it doesnt cost a fortune.

    thanks to all.

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