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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by jonnap, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. jonnap

    jonnap New Member

    Is this worth anything? Sure doesn't cost much...

    [Affiliate link removed - Admin]
  2. ebay_addict

    ebay_addict New Member

    Its $9.99 for a 15 day trial. Doesn't cost much to try it, but they will probably charge you more after the trial.
  3. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member

    Im in this company just started the other day[​IMG] The compensation plan is very good. It is a very referral heavy business if you want to make the real good money.

    However with the matrix and the spill over from your upline that nets you out 300 a month and this isnt a hard
    matrix to fill.

    The full price of mybabblebiz is 39.95 per mo after the trial if you wish to upgrade to a full member.

    Hope that helps you a bit let me know if you have anymore questions.

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