My MLM Gave Me a Website, But What NOW??

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    In my 10 years+ of internet marketing strategies for various clients in MLM and Network Marketing, I have found many different obstacles and created many success stories because of them. These success stories all share one common denominator...Search Engine Optimization with continued networking.

    The new distributor has vision in what they would like to accomplish but, in most cases, has no idea how to go about getting to those goals. With the potential of the internet looking like it has 'a pot of gold at the end,' most mlm companies that provide a website to new distributors, rely on that dream. Then, once they have your money and have set you up with your site, they tell you a couple of "preferred" methods you should market that site. The problem here is EVERYONE is getting the same marketing advice and that marketing platform is nearly exhausted from so many people trying to sell product and accomplish the same thing-build a strong down line. I don't care WHAT kind of marketing platform it is, your chance for success diminishes every time a distributor uses that platform.
    Before you join an MLM, or any business opportunity for that matter, RESEARCH IT!!! Don't get caught up in the hype of "mind-blowing potential" "top earner making millions in their first month" or the best I've heard, "completely automated so you don't have to do ANYTHING". These all sound great, but the reality of it is that you may never achieve those results. Remember, 'you get what you pay' for and your efforts 'bear the fruits of your labor'. The best way I would recommend that you did research would be your good friend Google. (I will be writing another article shortly on the best methods of using Google for research, so stay posted.) Type in different phrases pertaining to your new business opportunity. Type in things that may have already been written so it helps you in finding exactly what you're looking for. For example, if I was looking to find out if anyone has been scammed by the company (who we'll say is xyMLM) I wouldn't just type in "xyMLM", I would type in "I was scammed by xyMLM " or "I lost money with xyMLM" or my favorite "worst company xyMLM." This should get you to the dirt of an organization. On the other side of the coin, remember that there is always going to be someone displeased with something because it wasn't what they thought and perhaps they didn't keep up their end of the efforts. Always dig deeper into complaints.

    When you begin your new mlm business with the website that your company has given you, first READ their guidelines for internet marketing. Some companies won't allow you to market outside of their "preferred providers." Most of the companies who won't allow this are due to abuse or misrepresentation at the distributor level and they want to ensure quality control. Other companies who won't allow this are making a profit on their alliance with their preferred marketing methods, so beware. If you are able to market your site with a fair amount of freedom, look into the search engine visibility of your website first. I would recommend looking into a SEO (search engine optimization) company to help you with that. For the more advanced distributor, you should be able to tell if you view the source code of your own website. If it is a template site or doesn't have any meta tags or keywords, then you are INVISIBLE to the search engines. This is usually debated by those who think they know it all in SEO, but the honest truth is template websites aren't visible AT ALL. Think about it, if there were 100 of the same websites online, what would differentiate them besides the cool name of the distributor who owns it? Nothing, so Google bots and search engines skip those sites while indexing. To overcome this obstacle, I recommend you create an optimized splash page or stand alone website that includes a link to your business opportunity or sign up page. Duplicating the site from scratch with original programming (if you can afford it) would be the best, but if you can't there are plenty of web designers who are versed in SEO and can do it for you at a reasonable price. This will give you a tremendous "edge" over other distributors not aware of this major set-back with their template distributor website.

    I will leave you with this...I have seen A LOT of MLM's come and go with success and failure. The true method of achieving great results is research and investing (more than the $29.99 or $299.99 to join) in your business.

    Please feel free to message me for additional help as I consult on a pro bono basis and do not charge for recommendations. I am also willing to look into new mlm's or "explosive business opportunities" as they come.
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    Besides investing the initial start up cost, MLM is more than promoting.
    Invest time to learn and pick internet marketing knowledge.
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    I agree you have to master marketing and become really good at what you do ihj your business!

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