My mother almost fell for a work-at-home sham !

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by jhardydj, Jul 28, 2007.

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    Hi this is my first post [​IMG]

    My mom calls me up the other day and said she was tired of not working (she is disabled and unable) , and got the bright idea to go online and look for a work at home package. Now my mom is not all *that* stupid, and she knows enough that there is no get-rich-quick programs that actually work. So as the conversation goes on , she asks me if it is a good idea to send these people $49 to get started and I replied to her "Have you ever known an employer to ask for money to pay you for working?" .. she went red [​IMG]

    I have only come across one work at home that was legit and it was ContractXchange (google it , no affiliate link). Basicly , many companys (like CAA , 241Pizza, Direct energy etc) source out their call center work to contractxchange , and its the work at home people who take the inbound calls. Once you go through the interview process , you are required to take some training (its a small cost) to learn the software and what not. Once training is done, you apply to different jobs (paid by the hour).

    Call center work in your underwear , awesome huh? [​IMG]

    -Jay Hardy
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    Just a few thoughts...

    Most people who work at home do it because they want to be their own boss. Not work for an hourly wage. To start ANY business, it takes money. It takes an investment. Your boss with either invest in you and YOU give THEM the return, or as a home based business entreprenuer, You invest in YOURSELF and YOU get the return!

    Quoting: jhardydj"Have you ever known an employer to ask for money to pay you for working?"...

    looks like ContractXchange is no different...
    Quoting: jhardydjyou are required to take some training (its a small cost)

    I would advise you to take your own advice! if you work for ContractXchange you have to pay to be an employee! If you start your own internet business or work at home company, you invest in yourself and become very profitable!

    just my 2 cents!

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    I agree with Brandon, better to create your own internet or offline business where you don't have to pay anyone for a startup kit or a training cost or something like that. Nowadays you can start easily by finding something you enjoy doing and setting up a website about it to get the word out. Then you can put ads and affiliate links on that website to generate some small revenue while also doing other stuff.

    Say for example you know how to type or to do data entry or to clean. Set up a small website (can be free at blogger or such) talking about your services and also offering tips and tricks on different things about typing, data entry, or house cleaning. Put ads and affiliate links on that page for passive revenue. Then advertise that page on classifieds like craigslist and others to get clients, so as you're doing the work of cleaning or typing, etc, you're also earning some revenue.
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    She can apply to JLodge, they prefer to hire disabled persons

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