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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by KariAndersen, May 29, 2006.

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    My name is Earl...well, not really... but you will see what I'm talking about....

    I just wanted to tell you about my presentation to my local networking group. It was my turn to share and I wanted to do something different than talk about my product or opportunity.

    So I decided to offer them something that they could take with them and apply to their own businesses... something of value. I talked about the Law of Compensation.

    I started off my presentation talking about the NBC tv show, My Name is Earl. I think it's a goofy show that demonstrates a brilliant concept.... changing your own luck or Karma, as Earl puts it!!

    Briefly, the show is about a guy who made really bad choices in life and his bad luck is an obvious reminder of those choices. One day his luck changes when he buys a lottery ticket and WINS big... but a couple minutes later, he gets hit by a car and loses the winning ticket. He ends up in the hospital with lots of time to think.

    He has an EPIPHANY in the hospital bed and realizes that he has bad Karma/Luck and wants to change it. So he writes a list of all the people that he has wronged and sets out to right all those wrongs. Each week's show is his journey for the quest for a clean slate.

    I shared that story with my networking group and talked about the concept of Law of Compensation which is the same as, "You Reap What You Sow," and "what goes around comes around," etc.

    I talked a lot about seed planting and how you will reap a harvest from the types of seeds you plant.

    You won't get strawberries from dandelion seeds and you won't get business partners and customers if you are a complainer and negative.

    I shared the story of finding Cheryl when I traded a candle for some lipstick with a mutual friend. I put forth that candle as a seed and I nurtured the relationship with that friend. She told Cheryl about the awesome candle and me and Cheryl signed up with the Fast Start Pack.

    I didn't get the $8 profit for the candle initially. Instead I got $80 when Cheryl signed up!!! High yield harvest! She also has a team and does a lot of retail so I'm still reaping the rewards of that seed I planted.

    I then told a few more stories about going above and beyond with my customers and prospects and how good customer service is the same as planting good seeds.... the return comes in $$, referrals, return customers and future sales.

    I didn't talk about my product or my business but after I was finished, many people stood up and told me how much they needed to hear what I talked about and thanked me.

    Kari Andersen
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    You are wise. To become enlightened to ones life and be able to apply the lessons one learns religiously to their business endeavors is what generates success. Keep on truckin'.
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    It is a good start. Provide something that is useful to others, get the people to trust you first.
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    I Agree great post keep up the great work!

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