My Personal Strategy to all those struggling.

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    To make big money in this industry like I have for the past 7 years I use a simple system of making sure I focus my efforts on opportunity buyers and not seekers. I harvest information of oppty buyers online. Once an oppty buyer always an oppty buyer. 95% of people are making no money with their present business. The typical person tries 4-6 different businesses before they settle.

    I then mass broadcast out to these people via phone and email. I then have a call center, or virtual assistant, or telemarketers do the menial job of prospecting these people for me. I ONLY speak with leads who have been qualified by the call center, and where I have been edified as the leader they are looking for. When the call center says, " Hi I am Bob Jones calling from the professional offices of Chris Hurney" It carries major weight and the sign up ratios go through the roof. I then give information on my business and go for the close.

    Truly the smartest way to go about things making sure you dont get frustrated from the rejection associated with prospecting opportunity seekers and tire kickers. Why more companies dont teach this strategy is beyond me. Oh yeah the reason why is that these companies make a lot of money selling you garbage leads!

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