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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by TheExecutive, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. TheExecutive

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    I read about this in Jackson's presentation.

    This is a $50 one-time program (discounted using the above main company link to $19.95 and with an 8 week money-back guarantee) in which you are given a website that is used to sell overstock by retailers, and the concept is that the retailers pay you a percentage to advertise their products. Apparently the orders are placed through Google. I'm not sure if I have to go to the extra expense of advertising my site on Google or if Jeff does that for his distributors in rotation, but I'd like to know if anybody has tried this yet? Is it as good as he claims, and if so....why can't these stores do it themselves? [​IMG]

    JEFF (not Jackson)
  2. TyBrown

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    There really is no such thing as a $20 'business in a box' model that is going to earn you big bucks.

    The concept may be sound (I can't speak for this one personally) but you'll have to invest way more than $20 if you are going to earn 6 figures.
  3. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    Yes, I tend to agree with that statement in that at the very least we're typing $50 a month extra in Google advertising. But I need to read some comments by people who can attest that this program in particular is working for them.

    I've read this kind of well-written hype before, and there were hidden costs involved dealing with Tissa Goldavitarme's Acme People Search program. I called it quits there without losing much out of pocket, but that was because I didn't go the extra expense of using Google although I did spend a modest $10 / month to register a domain with GDI. I can see already that this isn't the same thing, and in fact it's very different in terms of the services involved.
  4. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    I did some research this morning, and I won't be participating in this after all. A woman named Paula Neal Mooney was ripped off by them.

    I couldn't provide the direct link, because it contain heart icons (which probably aren't supposed to be contained in the actual URL) but if you look around on Paula's site, other than finding a picture of Michelle Obama looking fine in shorts you'll run across the "Jeff Jackson" scam.
  5. debbystewart

    debbystewart New Member

    I looked at the site and you are right. It looks like a scam.
    Why anyone would fall for this scam puzzles me.
  6. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    I would stay away from this one. Of course, I am careful with the word scam for legal liability. ( One of the reasons ezinearticles no longer accepts articles using the word scam in them....even if something really is a scam)

    If this is the real deal - it still means you have to know how to drive traffic to your website. In my opinion, this is the MOST difficult thing for people online to do.

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