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    Personal PDF Pro by Dan Miller of Lead Net Pro fame has just launched. It is a tool I have waited a long time for at this price point. Some of the other big internet marketers have offered this sort of product in prices ranging from 500-1000 without the cookie cutter system. PersonalPDF Pro though has totally dumbed it down where anyone no matte if a newbie or a veteran can now create an unlimited amount of pdf files to create leads with.

    Basically creating pdf files was impossible for those that did not have a ton of money and a ton of manpower. I have been making great money from home for 9 years now and for the past couple years have always known that creating viral pdf's lead to a massive increase in leads and a massive increase in conversions. Again the problem was creating these suckers.

    Now with Personalpdfpro you can do it easily and create as many as you want. I know that when I market marketing a free report or a free pdf is a sure way to get increased lead conversions. Offer the prospect something of value and you are sure to have someone on your list that will stay on your list and most likely become a customer. Personalpdfpro allows you to create greeting cards and all sorts of other goodies to entice people. If you are a small business you can use it send out coupons and the best part of all this is that it is personalized. All of us know that building instant rapport with your leads leads to bigger conversions.

    Personal pdf pro does not disappoint. Creating viral leads from kick butt pdfs is a really cost effective way to explode your business. Again the price point of $197 is perfect and of course there is a lucrative one up comp plan attached to it. It is a tool I would recommend in anyone's aresenal. This just came out and I am sure you will see plenty about it. I plan on using it to explode my Lightyear wireless business with free reports such as "Free Repors On Learn How To Get Free Cell Service" OF COURSE always make it time sensitive. Give them 24 hours to get the report. That always physchologically speeds up the process!

    The main url is

    In my 9 years making great money from home this tool is for sure one of the best I have ever seen!
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    Excellent review ibuzzmentor and very well written. It's also informative as well!

    Nice job.

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