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    My search funds is a free search engine that pays you for using it like google or yahoo....or what ever search engine you use......It pays you through it's advertising monies...much like Yuwie....
    In fact My search funds actually searches through google, it re-directs you to a google search results page.

    I've been using it for roughly 2 months now and I've made about 7.42 pounds or $14.65. I've only made roughly 350 searches with in those 2 months and so far I've earned that much. I wound't say it's to bad considering that I search for stuff occasionally.

    It's a UK based company that's why it pays you in pounds, also there is a 20 pound minimum pay out, so I haven't been paid yet.....their pay schedule is every 30 days, so once a month. They either do Direct deposit or Pay you through pay pal. I chose the paypal since I'm not to keen on throwing out my bank information like that.

    So far I'm liking it a lot. I'll keep it updated once I hit the 20 pound mark and actually get paid, to determine weather or not that it's a scam or not.

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