My son on my Laptop!

Discussion in 'Raising Kids' started by Vishal P. Rao, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Vishal P. Rao

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    Every time my son comes to my office room, I let him have his hand on the keyboard and mouse. Today, thinking that he would be contented with the mouse and keyboard, I just left him for a while to see someone at the door. When I returned, I got the shock of my life seeing him standing on my Thinkpad and reaching for the light switch [​IMG]

    This was the most horrifying experience with my son so far. What was yours?

    And oh! the Laptop is just fine. Another Thinkpad fan [​IMG]
  2. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    I will tell my experience after 6 months...[​IMG] (has to wait another 10 days for my child birth)
  3. A8ch

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    That was certainly a close call with your laptop. Thank goodness Om is just a toddler. But look on the bright side. He's already demonstrating his creativity and independent thinking ability, by adapting the Thinkpad to an alternative use. He's an entrepreneur in the making. [​IMG]

  4. WhitePhoenix

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    Mine is not so much dangerous for the child as horrifying to The Momma... I left my desk once to answer the doorbell. I had been working on a book - when I got back to my computer, my son was happily pounding away on the keys (a la moi) - I looked at the page, filled with odd symbols and letters... and then realized my work was nowhere to be found! [​IMG] Needless to say, I had to re-write about 30 pages and 1 weeks' worth of effort... sigh

    After that, the keyboard was a 'no-no' if I was working... but you know, I wouldn't trade a moment of it for anything. Kids are great. They'll keep you laughing if you don't get too serious about everything.
  5. biblicalgarden

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    I had a problem keeping toddlers away from the power button on the computer. On the old computer I cut a cardboard box to fit over the front of the computer, with the sides short enough that the exhaust openings were uncovered. That worked fine. Next toddler, new computer, and this one has a curve-topped tower with the power button right on the curve - when I put th ebox on it, the weight of the box put enough pressure on the button to turn it off! SO I looked around the house for a plastic screw-top big enough to fit over the button, taped it on and hung the box on that. Thankfully the cardboard box looks boring enough that the toddler isn't interested in seeing what is under it.

    It is possible to nurse and use the mouse at the same time, but harder to type [​IMG]

    I am networking th eold computer to the new one so that they can both be online, and the older kids can play online games while I am working (the desks are side by side.) We don't do tv but I imagine that is a great tool for many harrassed work at home moms.

    Always remember that you can cut whining in half or less by providing a real time limit to your activities. That is, if the child (children) want your attention and you have to complete some task first, judge how much time it will take you, add 5 minutes, and say "I am looking at the clock and I only need 15 minutes to finish what I am doing. I will read you a story in exactly 15 minutes if you are good and quiet and let me wqork. This works really well even with kids who are too little to tell time.

    If the kids are whining that they are hungry or thirsty (and you have reason to believe it's true - not just an attention-getting device) there is no option at all- stop what you are doing immediately, get up and make them a snack. Then you can negotiate for extra time to work while/after they are eating. I find that the good will generated by stopping what I am doing immediately and doing what the child wants is priceless. The children then trust me when I say that I have to work. They need to know that if they really need me I am there for them and they are more important than my computer.

    That said, I started my home business with zero capital 4 years ago and it hasn't grown much. But I'm still hanging in there! I know I can't really progress until I either have enough money to stay at home (I work outside the home too) and have babysitting and/or household help, or until all my kids are in school.
  6. electricmeg

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    When my son was about a year old, he grabbed the top of the screen on my laptop and pulled as hard as he could. That repair cost about $1000, plus the cost of subsequent problems created by the repair guy!! Now my son has his own computer - we gave it to him at 2 years old - and he plays Dora the Explorer CD-Roms. Every once in a while, I'll let him look over my shoulder and we'll surf kids sites (PBS has awesome stuff, as does Nickleodeon), but we keep all laptops out of his reach.

    Another story - baby clicked the "lock" button for the trackpad. Hubby couldn't figure out what happened!!
  7. netjobs

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    As I said above in this thread, now my cute baby (daughter) is playing with more fun and I am almost in the heaven, rubbing my face, smooching etc.. etc.. and I just got my new laptop and now I am almost in the same position like Vishal before... but somehow getting hide from her while working with the machine...

    Yes! now i can work from home and play with my daughter as well and in this stage.. reallllllly WOW....

    P.S. Also I got my new digital handycam and shoots my cute baby.. I will post some videos later on...
  8. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Enjoy the moment Jai! But don't leave your daughter alone near your laptop even for a moment [​IMG] They are very fast [​IMG]

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