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    It not very often that an established and proven income generating opportunity comes along with a revolutionary viable product that seizes the trend of our time and allows the average person an opportunity to participate in and generate very substantial income but this one is it.

    My Video Talk started in 2004, has already established millionaires in smaller and/or less known non-USA network marketing countries, Dubai, Malaysia and other Asian areas. Now open to N. America & Europe.

    The product is ones own Private personal and small business video branding, Ultimate, HIGH-IMPACT Global Video Communications & Marketing Platform, that makes it easier to capitalizes on the latest technology trend in communicating and marketing via video.

    It use to be few had connections to the internet, but now we have masses world wide walking around with video capabilities via their cell phones, along with internet connections, video is becoming the premier way to communicate with people, making the internet more personable.

    Most don't know how to effectively use video to communicate and market, whether personal or business, thus a golden opportunity exist as this trend continues to grow and become a standard in the way we communicate globally.

    In a 2008 Interactive Marketing study, Forrester Research predicted a compound annual growth rate of 72% of the use of online video through the year 2012 - the most robust of all interactive investments. Online video is expected to grow significantly more than search engine marketing, display ads, and email marketing.

    "Video is becoming omnipresent on the Internet and mobile phones, but very few companies know how to use it effectively to market their products," said Michael Stroud, CEO of conference producer iHollywood Forum.

    Take a look at this product and home business income opportunity, if you are looking for that golden opportunity that has the right product, with a viable income generating comp-plan, that offers plenty of growth potential.

    Corporate site:

    This is a perfect addition to anything else one may be already doing to generate income working from home.

    Seize The Moment...Fortunes Will Be Made!
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    Cashman you are absolutely right!

    Right now this product is getting ready for official launch. They have cut the price for the next month. This product is awesome and can really take your marketing to the next level. Not only will it help to market your business, but is an awesome business opportunity as well.

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