My website rank dropped from 1 to 0. Can anyone tell me what could be the reason ?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by morelloking, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. morelloking

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    Until early part of last month i was subscribed to some traffic generating programs which were sending in an average of 20 unique visitors per day to my website and my website which has been running since March 2008 had managed to get a Google Page Rank of 1, but ever since my subscription to traffic generating programs ended, the visitors ended too...and my website Google Page Rank became 0. Does Google Page Rank depend very heavily on the amount of traffic a website gets ?
  2. Vishal P. Rao

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    Google page rank has got nothing to do with amount of traffic a site gets. It depends largely on the backlinks a site has got (and also many other factors like content, outgoing links, etc.). As the alogorithm keeps changing, it's not surprising to see some shift in pagerank from time to time.
  3. Newbie Shield

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    Hi morelloking,

    Vishal is right so I won't repeat what he said.

    I will add some commentary to clear a few things up.

    PR is terribly overrated. It is helpful in regard to authority. X PR is also required to join certain communities. X PR will add oomph to back links. It doesn't do much else.

    The things that help traffic are anything with a back link. Some of the most common forms are: high SERP rankings for in demand phrases, articles, and PPC ads.

    Don't worry too much about PR, especially early in the game.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  4. pcwork

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    There are many PR0 websites which get a lot of traffic
  5. madnawat

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    You must concentrate on establishing and promotion of your website in the early phase. Remember a lot of traffic comes from backlinks that you have put on other website and it also helps in long run to increase PR of your website.
  6. cupbucket

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    I dont worry about pg rank. Its nice but not essential

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