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    Every once is a while a very low cost program to join crosses my path which gets my interest. Everyone wants a simple to duplicate business opportunity, and everyone wants a free test drive, so what do you have to lose, and that is what is attracting so many home business entrepreneurs, so check it out, you never know. Like buying a lottery ticket, you have to be in it to win it.
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    The problem is the link takes you to a pre enrollment site and asks for the referral web site in order to proceeed. So it goes nowhere.
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    Aff link!
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    Anyway, this program is cheap and all but I see a dead end coming up.

    But don't believe me, just wait and see.

    There's no product being sold, recruiting is your only goal!
    It's just another matrix after all - a PYRAMID, and we all know how THEY go, don't we?!

    Here's another WA "review" site, still a matrix is a
    pyramid is a matrix, which is just a euphemism for PYRAMID!
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    There's no product being sold, RECRUITING is your only goal!

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    Heck, just one coupon I used saved me $4.00 off dog food I use, never mind savings on the below, so not a pyramid as I see it, and with the $33.00 commission in first month, not a barn burner income or any get rich quick claims, but hey, for a buck I was curious to test it out, so who knows, but hardly a pyramid which is based on zero value and zero savings, just empty promises. This is just first level benefits, so coupon access alone is worth it to me who always use coupons, and the barcode app is amazing, you can scan any product and know the lowest price instantly, show it to check out cashier and most stores will match instantly, saved over $60.00 using this already, so is it worth it, to me it is to date.

    Your $1 Member Benefits Include: User name (free)

    * $700 or more in printable coupons. Use as often as you like.
    * Cash for receipts program module. Get paid to scan your receipts.
    * Best Price Shopping App. Scan a bar code and instantly find the best price.
    * My1DollarBusiness Training Module
    * Marketing Training Module
    * Personal Development Module
    * Home-Based Business Tax Savings Module
    * Complete Business in a Box
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    Curious, how does one define a pyramid? Seems there are several who call everything a pyramid when it comes to the MLM industry, and if that is true, why are there thousands of MLM companies, many thriving for years if not several decades like Amway, Herbalife who just won case, although long battle by a hedge fund manager who was using claim of pyramid and then shorted stock, so nothing new, the battle goes on and on defining a pyramid. I have seen it all, and in my opinion all MLM's are indeed pyramids, but legal pyramids for the most part. So how do you define a pyramid? Is it because of being a matrix, binary, unilevel, hybrid, so which is a compensation plan which is a pyramid in your mind?

    Curious minds want to know. Everyone has an opinion, yet few can ever defend their positions, same as we see in politics, millions of opinions, masses of asses, that is the world we live in.

    Success to all,
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    Well, at least you see these business are pyramids... That alone has inherent mathmetical realities, legal or not!

    A pyramid structure as the term is used in scams of various types is that of a geometrical expansion, no matter how you shape it - A gifting scam I came across once was in the shape of a circle!

    Pyramid defenders will often point to corporate structure as a pyramid from the CEO down, but that is totally deceptive. This because the main issue in the type of pyramid we are concerned with is that FINANCIAL COMPENSATION comes ONLY from getting people below you to pay commissions upwards to you. Similarly those below you MUST get people below them to do the same. This continues endlessly.

    The so-called pyramid of a corporate structure has NOTHING to do with direct compensation, other than that those above you most likely get paid more than you do.
    BUT no one has to get people below them to pay commissions above them. EVERYONE gets their own paycheck based on their WORK and get NO FINANCIAL COMPENSATION from those below them!
    You get a full, predetermined and agreed upon REGULAR PAYCHECK, whether you are on the top or bottom of this "pyramid".

    As long as you need to get people below you in order to get FINANCIAL COMPENSATION, those on the bottom of this pyramid will simply run out of people on earth to compensate them - this is an unavoidable mathmetical reality.
    This is the shame of pimping a pyramid - even though YOU are "making money", a VERY large group of people will be left holding the bag, only to find the bag has a hole in it!

    LEGALITY is another issue entirely and like politics and taxes, there are endless games that can be played.
    Then too is the issue of the difficulties, logistics, resources and other factors that can keep illegal enterprises operating.
    As I understand it, these are some of the reasons so many pyramids stay alive despite the legality issues!

    Consider your local massage parlors as but one example!

    The length of time a scam operates means nothing...

    Bernie Madoff ran his scam some 40 years - 10 of which were AFTER the SEC was notified of his scam!!

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    No doubt, the MLM industry has been plagued with the pyramid scam label for decades, and that is what makes the industry so difficult for most as they will always be hit with that statement, this sounds like a pyramid scam. lol Yes, there are thousands of scams which have used the pyramid structure, but the real issue is not about one earning a commission as an override from those you recruit into the business, it is about the product or service, not the commission structure as I see it.

    I came from the corporate world, sales, and went from sales trainee, to sales representative, supervisor, manager, district manager, regional manager and made an override on all sales made in my region. So with most large corporations utilizing the same formula, is this not a pyramid by some definitions? If I invested my time and knowledge training others, should I not be compensated? Remember, sales is typically based on commissions, I have been in the world of commission sales since beginning of my career in sales. Sure, some are paid only on their own sales, but this is where most start, not where they may end up if they work hard. Insurance industry is set up the same way, auto sales, same thing, in fact, I can't think of one successful business which does not utilize incentives.

    So why did MLM get the pyramid scam label, because most deserve it for they were selling the dream, not the reality. If you can't sell, don't fall for any MLM company. It all comes down to having a product or service you sell to others, and if you so choose, you recruit others into your organization, train them, support them and you should be rewarded with an override commission, nothing illegal about this at all. The legitimate legal MLM's operate ethically, but we all know many do not, the hit and run deals we have all seen over the years which change their name, but same game. So I have nothing against the structure of companies which use this sales strategy. Everything is a pyramid if you analyze business, and those at the top always earn more than those just starting out, that is life. Direct sales is just that, you make the direct sale, you earn the commission, but anyone who thinks that those above them are not getting compensated on your efforts is in LaLaLand. Illegal pyramids involve no product or service of value, PERIOD, and that is how you have to evaluate every business opportunity. No value, no business opportunity. I have always said I would rather earn $1.00 from each sale of my 100 members in my sales team than a $100. for each direct sale I make. Different strokes for different folks.

    Success to all,
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    The "real issue" most certainly IS commissions! Why else would you do MLM if not commissions?

    Don't tell us about the product or service, especially in this case where there IS no product (you absolutely MUST be recruited to get any afterthought "product"!)...

    And legal or not, MLM is a pyramid, and that pyramid compensation commission is the ONLY way of making any money! - in this case and all others I've seen!
    You're not AT ALL selling a real product, you are selling a recruitment!

    And a pyramid, legal or not, is a geometrical expansion that simply MUST run out of people to fund it!

    And this doesn't mean there has to millions of marketers with no one left to market to (though this is basically what happens), but all that has to happen is that there are sooo many marketers the market is saturated.

    The product is again, an AFTERTHOUGHT that you can't buy OR sell without RECRUITMENT!

    If you could just sell the product, there wouldn't be a problem as you wouldn't have to pay membership (commissions to your upline) every month. You could just wait for buyers to come your way, like any other NON MLM/PYRAMID HAWKING retailer!

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    But don't heed me... Just wait a little while!

    At $1 a month this is sure to swell quickly, then pop & drop like all the others, as those many numerous members each try to build their own geometrically expanding pyramid!

    If you were like a $1 store selling products to people, this could last idefinetly - as long as people wanted the product.
    Dollar stores can do well on the same block!

    But nooo... This is one person seeking to get two, who each seek to get two, who each seek to get two, who each seek to get two, etc...

    Just do the math!

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