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  1. stuck

    stuck New Member

    Hi there can anyone help me, am looking to join, does it live up to the promises for a newbie like me. Thanks in advance x
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I checked it but it is only a log in page - and I have never heard of it but maybe someone else will stop by soon...[​IMG]
  3. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

  4. 040107

    040107 Member

    If I'm not mistaken it has something to do with Passport To Wealth.
  5. stuck

    stuck New Member

    its the new company set up by Darren Gaudry of passport to wealth

    [Link removed. No affiliate links. Only generic links allowed - Admin] this is the link i have
  6. marion1050

    marion1050 New Member

    Hi, I was with Passport to Wealth, but moved to MyInternetBusiness after much thought and prayer. My decision was based on three facts
    1. doing away with the 2 pass-up system is just so much fairer. Whereas I was happy to pass my first two sales up to my PPTW sponsor, I had a couple of people on my team who really needed to keep that money for themselves - I felt awful taking it from them.
    2. MIB has 4 different levels, something to suit anybody seriously thinking of changing their lives on the internet and
    3. I look at MIB as being a HUGE upgrade of Passport to Wealth. In fact, there is one entry level which is almost exactly the same.

    I did very well with Passport to Wealth, but actually stopped marketing while I made up my mind on which way I wanted to go - it didn't seem right to continue to bring people into Passport when I knew MIB was so much better. I have restarted my advertising a couple of weeks ago and already have a number of people seriously looking at joining.

    It is a truely brilliant programme with multiple streams of income and it can be run on virtual auto-pilot or with as much of a hands-on approach as you like. There is so much I could tell you about MIB, but I'm unsure how lengthy posts are allowed to be!

    I managed to give up my full time job after just 3 months of Passport to Wealth. I am really excited with everything MIB has to offer - it is an amazing program!

    I love it! [​IMG]
  7. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    It isn't really a good idea to get involved in a brand new company. You should look around for those companies that have been around for a while. One of the big dangers of online business is the high rate of collapse. But if you go with a program that has been around for a while then you know that it has stability.
  8. marion1050

    marion1050 New Member

    I really don't want to get into any kind of "face off", cupbucket, but there would be no progression if we just kept to things which have been around for a long time. MIB is a new program which Darren Gaudry, at his own admission, has created by taking all the best bits from various online home businesses, leaving out all the rubbish and giving us this brilliant business.

    Therefore, the processes are all tried and tested - and now they're all in one place ......... rather like a fine tuned luxury car, really.

    Also, Darren Gaudry himself has a long and successful online career - he and the co-founders of MIB bring a wealth of experience, integrity and stability to the business. Qualities which are recognized by many online marketers and which are causing the business to grow at an amazing rate.

    There is a lot to be said for stability, but stability without progress is stagnation. Every now and again something comes along which has stability and progress, and MyInternetBusiness is one such business.

    But I wish you every success with your business too.

    CSGWAHM New Member

    That's great Marion, you found something you love and that's what it's all about. I agree with you, that if nobody joined anything new there would be no progression. I wish you the best.
  10. De La Mente

    De La Mente New Member

    Well said, Marion. The "turn key" system is updated and the back office has a lot more features available to the user. MyInternetBusiness is growing at an alarming rate. It is updated weekly and future changes are promised. As of now, the "veteran" Passport 2 Wealth users that upgraded to MyInternetBusiness strongly suggest buying the MyInternetBusiness Product Suite [Note: MyInternetBusiness is not a business opportunity and should not be advertised as such. It is a suite that includes hundreds of tools, software, and services that allows users to start an online business with ease and assistance. Upon purchasing, you are titled as an Associate of the company and have full resell rights to the suite.] Most people are unaware of this. MIB is a direct sales business, but you do recieve money from each sale that your down line makes, like a commission. This is the main reason people favor MIB over P2W. It provides a passive income versus a flat gain of P2W's $997.
    Hope this helps out.
  11. stuck

    stuck New Member

    I have indeed joined since my last post and I agree with the above comments, every business is what you make of it and with hard work and effort we can all be successful, this one just makes it that much easier.
  12. marion1050

    marion1050 New Member

    Well done, Stuck - Yes, I knew you had already joined, I left you a message in the Passport to Wealth forum congratulating you and saying you'd pretty soon have to change your name from Stuck, because with all that MIB has to offer, you no longer will be!! [​IMG]

    BTW, I'll be closing my first sale for this week later tonight. Lovely, lovely lady is joining. The secret bonus of this business is that you get to meet such nice people too!
  13. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    I have to admitt that I am strongly considering joining MIB. Everything about this business comes accross very professional. I'm just looking for the right mentor. Any out there?
  14. stuck

    stuck New Member

    Hi, all mentors of MIB are very helpfull as we all benefit from each other, take a look at a few of them and then make your choice. Good luck and best wishes.
    will not post my direct link as forums (no disrespect, I came here when I needed help before joining) are not really the place to be advertising yourself.
  15. marion1050

    marion1050 New Member

    Hi Mike

    You're absolutely right - this entire company is so nice to work with. The Support Team is one of the most responsive and friendly I have come across. The company training is superb and the benefits to us members is growing by the day!

    However, joining the right team is crucial - I cannot emphasize that enough!

    Initially, I didn't realize it worked that way and joined a team where my inviter kept in touch with me regularly till I parted with my money. I then got a 10 page email and he went into the witness protection program!!! [​IMG] Unforutnately, I had no success at all in that team.

    However, I was so convinced the business would work that I paid all over again to join a team which had the same ethics as myself - ie: helpfulness and integrity are so important to us. Since joining this team I have moved from strength to strenght. Sadly, we frequently have other poor people who have been burned this way coming on our calls and looking to re-join with a team which actually works and trains together.

    Since you're here actually asking for some advice, I am happy to help you decide whether not our team is a good fit for you - we are mainly christians, so for all I know, you may be allergic to us! [​IMG] But I do know many of the other teams and I should be able to point you in the right direction.
  16. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    stuck: will not post my direct link as forums (no disrespect, I came here when I needed help before joining) are not really the place to be advertising yourself.

    Please update your signature to include your businesses.
  17. Geoff777

    Geoff777 New Member

    Although My Internet Business is relatively new, it's success growth has a high comparison rate to the google and microsoft giants of today. One user in this thread (or forum) said that someone took off with his money and didn't talk to him again. I'm very sorry to hear that and I recommend you report him or her to the founders of whatever company that was with. But I'm primarily writing so people will understand what dictates an entrepreneur's overall success when working from home.

    1. The Company - If you have a strong company that has an impressive system and compensation plan, and a founder(s) whose competent, experienced, and has a track record of enormous success then that speaks volumes. Step 1 - Get behind a strong company.

    2. The Mentorship - This can fall under "teams" as well. If you have a great team that has proven themselves, 'preferably an award winning highly recognized team' then you want to partner with this team because that means they're being recognized for duplicating this success throughout their team, and doing a damn good job at it. Step 2 - Partner with a great award winning team.

    3. Simple Duplicatable Turn-key system - Now anyone can have a great company and incredible support and still not succeed in earning money online. What that person needs to do is do their due diligent research on the duplication rates within a team. As I said earlier, if the team has won awards before then that means they're known for helping their team members more than any other team within that company, which goes without saying...adds a tremendous amount of credibility to that team. Step 3 - Team's training system must be simple and easily duplicatable.

    4. A Daily Method Of Operation - What should you be doing on a daily basis? A great mentor is likened unto a mother and/or father to their newborn baby (or in this case...newly recruited team member). Remember how the parents would rarely leave their newborn babies side? They'd always talk to them, help them...eventually teach them how to crawl, walk then run? Until one day the parents are sitting in an auditorium watching their son or daughter walk across the stage to receive their diplomas...shedding small tears as admiration and pride fills their hearts knowing that their child will have a great life based on what THEY taught them. That's what, great mentors are. They'll teach you everything you need/want to know and should be on call ready to assist you in any possible way that they can 24 hours a day...(That's what I do for my team) Step 4 - A Consistent Profit Generating DMO

    Earlier, someone wrote that you should be wary of new business's. I wholeheartedly agree, however...researchers say marketing the business upon the ground floor can have a big impact on an entrepreneur's overall success. And considering around 16-17 million people every day are burning up the search engines looking for a home based business...wouldn't it make more sense to join a great business and assist those that are looking for a "home" based business as opposed to waiting and eventually one of THEM bringing YOU into the business? But to be fair, I'll say that a saturated market is NOT an unconquerable one, but you'll surely have a lot of "pushing your way to the top" to do.

    Anyway I hope everyone enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed typing it out(it's 5:00 am here and I've yet to sleep!!)

    [Post edited - Admin]
  18. De La Mente

    De La Mente New Member

    Nice post. I especially like your mention of MyInternetBusiness's mentoring program. This is key. The company's efforts to train every last person who joins is a valuable aspect of the business. I was amazed by the amount of help, tutorials, and software I was offered to promote and maximize my business!
  19. Geoff777

    Geoff777 New Member

    Thanks De La Mente, it truly is an amazing business with a support system rivaled only to the holy trinity. Blasphemy not intended [​IMG]
  20. rglar6

    rglar6 New Member

    I have seen some of the information about My Internet Business, but I don't quite understand the concept. I know you can join up at different levels, you then get full coaching and mentoring, but are taught to sell the products within the system or are you trying to sell the business idea and recruit others?

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