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  1. bizreviewer

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    Launching a review campaign of this company that sells a juice product "Xango" you sign up for, buy and sign others up for on a downline for you. If anyone has some testimonials "good" "bad" responses I'd appreciate it. I'm reviewing this company as it caught my eye on a potentially harmful company attempting to rip people off with a new twist on MLM template.
  2. mountainmom5

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    You will be able to find the good,bad and ugly on almost every network marketing company out there... Most of the ugly you find on a lot of companies is from people that are venting their frustrations...

    I have not personally been in Xango, but from what I have seen of it, it is simply another mlm or network marketing opportunity, that is allowing ordinary people to make an extra-ordinary income by working at home[​IMG]
  3. paxkine

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    I saw xango at costco so it sounds difficult to market to me
  4. De La Mente

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    Anything you have to physically consume is going to take more offline marketing than online.
  5. mountainmom5

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    De La Mente: Anything you have to physically consume is going to take more offline marketing than online

    It depends - there are a lot of consumable products being marketed strictly online. It just depends what each company uses as a marketing model and what they train their reps to do..

    If you have to make a list of your hundred friends - you will know that you are with an 'old fashioned' company...[​IMG]

    There are many, many ways to market your business , service or products online and for 99% of the time, your family and friends are the LAST people you want to talk to about it, right?!

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