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  1. Who Eats Organic Foods?

    With organic food industry exploding nationwide with all the rising concerns over food safety, never mind increasing imported produce, I see this as the most unique new concept to come along in years.

    With FDA blunder with e-coli recalls this past year, and with investigation inconclusive, millions of dollars in produce was destroyed, so if FDA cannot even track U.S. produce, how in the world are we to know about imported produce safety?

    As one who has been purchasing organic for years, and I might add, paying twice as much at local markets, Organic Acres got my attention immediately. Having also had a local membership in farm cooperative, as well as having had my own home gardens over the years, Organic Acres has the best option of all.

    Organic Acres is accepting free reservation registrations for upcoming growing season, so even if you are not convinced this is the best concept since sliced bread, register, there is no obligation, and with limited home garden plans available this season, get in now, and learn how to earn free food plus a significant income for simply sharing plan with others.

    Imagine having a home garden without the home? If you are a city or apartment dweller, this is the perfect option to have fresh organic food delivery direct from your own certified organic garden to home for free anywhere nationwide, and soon, worldwide as more certified organic farms join our cooperative.

    I don't know about you, but having fresh organic produce delivered to your home specifically chosen by you and your family is an option not available anywhere elese in the world. You actually have your own custom garden, you grow what you want, and get it when you want it conveniently delivered to your home. Extended growing season is another benefit for many in northern states.

    If that were not enough, you also get personal monitor so you can watch your garden grow via your internet on your wireless or home computer. No back breaking cultivating, weeding and feeding, no unknown pesticides, chemicals or the hassle of planning your garden which takes knowledge for any success. I know I got zero tomatoes this season due to widespread blight in my NE region due to excessive rainy season. If it wasn't the groundhogs which climb over fence, deer jumping over fence, never mind rabbits and mice eating up my garden, I would not be interested for I enjoyed gardening.

    Simply put, if any of the above sounds familiar, then you will want to reserve your garden before they are all taken for this season. If you miss your own garden, you can reserve for next season, and with a basic Farm Store plan, you can still get the same fresh organic food delivery since we who have reserved gardens will be selling any excess produce back through our Farm Store. This is how farmers have been operating for centuries, grow what they need for their families, sell the excess for profit, same as with Organic Acres.

    Register for FREE, No Obligation, FREE FOOD AFFILIATE PLAN
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    This business sounds like the real thing.
  3. foxybird

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    It is free and part of the big picture is that you can also find it inside the free MarketingPond (sink or swim) along with 25 other free company's and low cost endevers .
  4. Bryan

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    Organic foods is definately something that is on the upswing. This seems like a good niche to get into.
  5. I have been amazed at the response to organic food, and given the success, they are launching early, so if anyone is interested in how they can get free organic foods from their own custom garden delivered to their homes, you better make a free reservation for full or half garden for these options are limited for obvious reasons.

    With dozens of organic farms wanting to join the cooperative, no doubt this concept is exploding as it is so refreshing to cut out all the middle men in the wholesale to retail food chain. I know organic foods in my area are twice the price of regular, so I am looking forward to my free garden fresh safe produce being delivered this season to my home.

    Success to all,

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    If only they could replace all the fast food locations with outlets like those, we would have a better place to live. [​IMG]
  7. Good point,

    I agree, I could live on fresh safe organic vegetables, you name it, I love it when it comes to produce.

    Success to all,
  8. Update:

    Planting season is well under way, so for those wait and see mindsets, don't miss out on your own families garden option, they are nearly all reserved, so register for free to see, no obligation to check it out, and with several plans, something for every size family, or for your own local cooperative share, this is the perfect solution to skyrocketing fresh safe organic produce.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless, Mike

    For those who do not know what to grow in their gardens or are not familiar with all the different types of vegetables, now you can simple order our variety boxes to learn which are your families favorites. With such a huge selection, fresh from farm to home in days instead of usual weeks from grocery store shelves, you can taste the difference.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,

    Looks like this season will be a banner one, never got so much produce this early in growing season before, thank you Mother Nature.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,

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