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    Revelle, LLC has just introduced a safe smoking alternative which can be used as a tobacco cigarette replacement, or a means in which to stop or quit smoking by simply adjusting the nicotine levels less and less while still providing the tobacco flavor even without the nicotine addiction, so there is something for every smoker offered with this breakthrough high tech electronic faux cigarettes and cigars.

    Whether you smoke, and cannot stop, or don't want to since many use smoking as crutch for nervousness issues, as example, so now there is a choice. Switch to safe smoking alternative and you decide whether nicotine addiction is needed or not. Most say they want to smoke under certain circumstances, but don't like the addictive nature of smoking, so now you have a clear choice, enjoy a health safe smoke without the addiction.

    Best of all, you can Get Paid To Stop Smoking just by using Revelle cigarettes where ever you see people smoking. I used it at casino which just announced smoking ban, so I picked tables with all smokers and simply sat down and started to play with my Revelle puffing away the whole time. After about 10 minutes someone noticed I had no ashtray, and puffed away constantly. lol The looks I got when the lady at other end of table saw it was priceless when she said, what the heck are you smoking? Everyone looked, and they all were interested.

    Now I don't have to break my habit of gambling as I sell a couple dozen units plus of Revelle safe smoking alternative on every visit, and this adds up to several hundred dollars, more than enough to feed my love of poker. lol Now for the best part, each sale creates many more sales as most people who try it are amazed and spread the word, as distributors, and just users. When smoking ban goes into effect in NJ, and MI, this will explode my buisness having so many using product already, so this is a very powerful product which is a natural for word of mouth as it is so unique and novel, people just have to tell others what they saw at casino.

    The best part is where ever you find smokers gathering, there is money to be made. Just drive around a few corportate parks to see the huddles masses outside surrounding the ashtray towers. Cold, wet, doesn't matter, these addicted smokers are sucking in their nicotine fix as many times a day as allowed. It is so easy to sell this product since it sells itself, just drive around these corporate complexes anywhere in the country and your prospects are all massed together, no qualifying necessary, they are pre-qualified as smokers, and they will all be interested in concept of safe smoking alternative, even if they don't want to quit.

    Think about this strategy. We all know most companies give smokers a couple 15 minute breaks a day to feed their habit, so lets look at this concept for a minute. 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year adds up to 75 hours, and this is nearly equal to 2 weeks vacation, which equates to 2 weeks less productivity for companies from each employee, and this adds up to thousands in most cases. In addition, we know health insurance rates are impacted by smokers who have more cancer, heart disease, emphysema and get sick more often due to immune difficiencies, so how many more sick days to smokers take?

    Bottom line, any company owner knows it costs a fortune to have smokers on payroll, and many are screening out smokers when hiring, and combined with public places banning smoking, this is a golden opportunity. If you smoke, go to your employer and see if they will fund a Revelle smoking alternative unit to each employee, it will provide a return on investment in weeks, so it will actually cost company nothing. They will first receive $50. back from employees, then a residual commission for as long as Revelle is used. No more loss of 30 minutes per day as there is no second hand smoke, so this technology can be used in lavoritories like the old days, so no more lost productivity. No more increasing health costs and rising absences for illness, as in sick days. There are so many cost saving benefits that companies would be crazy not to introduce this to employees as incentive and cost saving strategy.

    Now imagine if you were the person who introduced this to your company? You would earn a fortune, and be able to retire early, and more healthy than at 65 or 70 which most people will now have to work until given changes in SS income points. This just makes common sense to everyone who sees it, so test it out for yourself, see how others respond when they see you puffing away, even in non smoking areas, you will get attention, I can assure you. lol

    The business opportunity is unmatched in the industry given you don't have to sell it, just tell it. Everyone wants to try product out of curiosity if nothing else. And each person that does will earn you $50. plus overrides and bonuses, so this is an extremely lucrative business opportunity, so register for free to see for yourself, no obligations or long term commitments, just try it.

    Wealth without Health is Worthless.

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    Some new changes, starting with new name, InLIFE and new lower prices down to $129.95 plus another product added, the Prestige, a smaller standard cigarette size, but in shart black ebony with a blue tip LED indicator. Just keeps getting better, so take a look, perfect Christmas gift for smokers.

    Success to all, Mike

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