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    It's important to protect your valuable assets. Make sure that you take the time to design a logo that will stand out and get you recognition. Then make a concerted effort to trademark, servicemark or register that logo and name you have chosen. It is often quick and inexpensive to do this on a state level. Finally, be sure to copyright any content you create.
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    This is remedial, but how do I design a logo myself, with just ordinary software packages? Nothing complicated, just the name. I made it look the way I want it in Excel, but I don't know how to put it in the right format for uploading as a logo to my ecommerce store. Any ideas??? I can have a logo created for me for $25, but I don't want to wait 4-5 business days.
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    you have to save the image as a .png file or jpeg. Im not sure you can do that out of word???

    try for great free logos. I got mine from there.

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