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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Grumpybum, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Grumpybum

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    I'm really fed up with products or services not being "named" in the introduction to the online business opportunity. Can anyone tell me why companies do this? Also I'm looking for an affiliate marketing opportunity which tells me "how to" and then leaves me alone to get on with it, perhaps with some online help or phone support when and if I need it. But no hassling or "team work"! Does this exist or am I living in a dream world??!!
  2. onera

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    If you join an affiliate network, like neverblue, ymultimedia, azoogle, etc. you will be assigned an affiliate manager. To build relationship, it is good to call them and talk to them.

    However, click bank or pay do com does not have a affiliate manager assigned to you.

    But don't call them frequently and ask simple questions the answers to which you can find doing a google search.
  3. johnwayne

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    try coz they have marketing blueprints for their affiliates
  4. weebitty

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    Team work is different than hassling someone. I like teamwork myself and support it and promote it. If I can't give you an answer I have upline that can. That is how it should be. I am fortunate in I have a great sponsor and he is very patient and kind with his knowledge and help. I lucked out. But I know what you are saying. I will follow his example as well. I don't have any qualms about saying I don't know something but some people do. Some unfortunately don't care once they have signed you up. To me that is dead wrong and I won't be a part of it. [​IMG]
  5. mountainmom5

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    I do affiliate marketing and I don't have any team work or anyone hassling me... maybe you are not looking at the right thing.

    Network marketing calls for team work - you will not make it without working with a team and support group but affiliate marketing is something you can totaly do on your own.

    I know - I do it.[​IMG]
  6. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I know some companies who actually give you some good training and how to promote online but it all comes down to you and what you learn in your first few weeks online.

    You will have ups and downs. That's for sure but make your venture or process a learning curve.

    I have been online for a few years and I am still learning new things all the time. There is so much to learn and soak up.

    If you are looking for a program that will give you "team training" and team support, then I would go with network marketing.

  7. ImportEyedea

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    Grumpybum: I'm really fed up with products or services not being "named" in the introduction to the online business opportunity. Can anyone tell me why companies do this?
    I think what you're referring to is known as "selling the sizzle not the steak". I'm not particularly a fan either, but its a very common practice.

    The idea is a transference of ownership, achieved by people illustrating(or over exaggerating) the benefits you'll receive from unmentioned product or opp.

    Its actually done in other sales fields as well; furniture for example. Experienced furniture sales people know how powerful it can be to literally sketch the room a customer is looking to fill with furniture. They then add the particular table or couch they're trying to sell and show how perfect of a fit it is. By seeing it in their home, the theory is that they begin to take ownership of the item.

    Another reason as well is email list building. How many times have you had to opt in to an email request form before you actually got the contact or product info? That way the person whose landing page you're on now optimizes your prescence by amping you up, and forcing you to give them what they want (your email address) so you can find out what you want(to find out what the heck they're talking about)

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