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  1. joymar

    joymar Guest

    Has anyone joined or heard about I saw an ad by them on for home jobs. To apply to work for them is $12.95 and I am wondering before I send any money to them can anyone advise whether this company is a scam or not. Are they genuine and really pays for us to work for them online?

    I appreciate very much for any advice, suggestions and feedback about them. Thanks.
  2. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    Did you check with Better Business Bureau? I would look though that first.
  3. tangela_007

    tangela_007 New Member

    if you want a real work at home job, go to or or
  4. sparklingc

    sparklingc New Member

    Hi Joymar,

    I had this same question about this company and didn't really get any responses from anyone who used them. So I applied and paid the $12.95 because I figured what's the big deal right? It's only $12. 95 and you never really know until you try something. Well, I will be the first to tell you THEY NEVER DELIVERED THE SERVICES THEY PROMISED! BUYER BEWARE! Perhaps someone else has had better luck with them but as far as MY experience, it was awful. When I signed up I then found a BBB report and it was not in good standing either. I tried to contact them and they took about 2 weeks to respond and I was never given an accessible password to the website. When I sent them a request for my money back they refused by saying:

    Billing Information & Privacy
    Your credit card will be charged by Google. "GOOGLE * Online2008 " will appear by the charge on your credit card statement. To process your order, NCTSOnline2008 will have access to your address and email. Learn more

    Return Policy for NCTSOnline2008
    Buy paying through Google check out you are agreeing to the terms and conditions list at at It is the buyer's responsibility to read the site terms listed to understand our service and policy. NCTS will not be responsible for those who choose not to read the site terms. Read Entire Policy

    Shipping Policy for NCTSOnline2008
    NCTS dose not provide tangible goods. You will not be receiving nothing by mail. Access to the site will be given once your order has been processed. Google Checkout is primarily designed for transactions involving tangible goods. Therefore, even if you purchases intangible goods from NCTS, NCTS must mark the order as 'Shipped' to send the buyer/customer a confirmation email that the order has been complete. At this time, NCTS may not skip or modify the shipping step when process orders.

    ??? So all this is a round-a-bout way of saying too bad, so sad sucker! Lol. Good luck dealing with these jokers and enter at your own risk! For me, it was a lesson learned and I will pass this info along to prevent futher abuses.


    Sacramento, CA
  5. Homeboy

    Homeboy New Member

    Oh dear, Sparklingc, thanks for the headsup. I did smell something fishy when I saw you had to PAY to work for them!! That does sound scammy without even looking at the details, lol...
  6. joymar

    joymar Guest

    Wow..thanks Sparklingc for your feedback! I did write to them enquiring about the jobs they offer and never got any reply from them either! I am glad I didn't pay the fee.
  7. amuz3d

    amuz3d New Member

    I too signed up for NCTSpro right after Christmas. I guess they were feeling the holiday spirit. In any event I was able to log in
    and proceeded to look over the list of jobs. They required you to fill out all pertinent employment info including S/S number and mother's maiden name!!!
    I put in some bogus info, went to log in a few days later and all I got was that I was using the wrong username or password.
    I found them on Yahoojobs which I've been meaning to contact.
    In Dec. when I was looking into this company on the internet, I found nothing about them positive or negative, but for the 12 bucks I had to see what they were about. I thoroughly believe they are
    an identity theft ring!!!

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