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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Bears_Cubs119, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Bears_Cubs119

    Bears_Cubs119 New Member

    Hello everyone!

    First off, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read my post. My name is Brandon and I am *trying* to be an Internet Marketer to make a little extra "dough." I did some extensive research and took the plunge and bough the "One Week Marketing" action plan. I have been applying these techniques for about 5 weeks now and am going no where. I start school on July 6 (Monday, yikes!) and would like to devote as much time as possible to pay off my tuition (it is due on 12/20/09) so I don't have to take out a loan.

    I work at Bed Bath and Beyond part time. The paychecks I get go straight towards housing and gas. Anyways, I have no money but would like some genuine help. When money begins to flow in, I will be willing to pay. Basically, I was wondering if anyone could help me or coach me through a successful (not millions of dollars) campaign. I would be willing to split (50-50) on all sales made through that campaign. The main purpose of this is to teach me how to properly set up a successful campaign to get my feet wet.

    I have read and researched for the past 5 weeks constantly and can not seem to grasp the material. I guess I am the kind of person who learns by actually doing. Oh, and one more thing, a little bit more information about me: I am going to DeVry University and studying "Network and Communications." It is one of the few job fields that seems to be "recession-proof."

    Again, Thanks for reading this.
  2. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Brandon,

    While I don't do 1-on-1 coaching, I can offer some advice:

    One Week Marketing isn't really for newbies. Your best bet is to take the free 30 Day Challenge. Once you complete that, read from this forum, and read from online marketing blogs just go back and read through the One Week Marketing (OWM) material and it will make more sense.

    OWM is a good program but you probably lack the proper background to understand it.

    Stick around if you want to learn about online marketing. You've stumbled upon a very good forum.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  3. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I agree with Newbie Shield totally.

    My sister and niece know nothing about IM, and are in the Thirty Day Challenge Pre-Season.(You can begin now)

    I plan to see them making their first dollar online in August!

    It is a great opportunity.

  4. Bears_Cubs119

    Bears_Cubs119 New Member

    When does the thirty day challenge start because I signed up and it was in "pre-season?" Also, is there any newbie-friendly programs to follow?

    Thanks again. Also, any coaching would be amazing and I will split any earnings!

  5. countrygirl

    countrygirl New Member

    My Online Income System is a great program for beginners to learn the basic fundamentals of affiliate marketing. After going through that program, OWM is an excellent follow-up to get you on your feet. Best of luck![​IMG]
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Bears_Cubs119: Also, any coaching would be amazing and I will split any earnings!
    Doesn't look like you have any takers... but here is the hard truth... there is a learning curve with the whole internet marketing thing that no one can avoid.

    Your best bet is to ask very specific questions here and get feedback from veterans - go put it into practice until you come up against another wall...come back and holler for help...get answers....go put it into practice....hit wall....ask...receive....action...make a sale...woohoo....then run again....hit wall....ask...receive...[​IMG]
  7. Mark_Worthen

    Mark_Worthen New Member

    What is the "30-Day Challenge"?

  8. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

  9. cherie27

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  10. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    once you in internet marketing you to do step by step to build your marketing. for example, there is 8 step for internet marketing. but i saw most people skip the certain step. yes you can make money if you skip the step but it's not a long term plan. just my opinion.. [​IMG]
  11. rosa41

    rosa41 New Member

    I would have to agree with courtrygirl. One Week Marketing is for intermediate. PotPieGirl actually PM'd me and told me that directly. I can't thank her enough. I had just started and was focused on making money instead of understand and tackling the learning curve. I re-focused and am finishing My Online Income System - made for beginners. Over half way through and it makes sense now. Just starting to incorporate OWM. Give yourself some time but keep at it. I just wish that this opportunity had been around when I was in college. Life would be very different!
  12. hilary1225

    hilary1225 New Member

    Hiya Bears! I've used thirtydaychallange and got some good result as well. Kicks your butt to have you motivated! [​IMG]
  13. ZiggyZoo

    ZiggyZoo New Member

    Hi Bears

    You will never learn anything if you ride on the coat tails of someone else.

    Take the bull by the horns and commit to starting a program and with enough dedication and hard work you can succeed ... and on your own - with a little help from members of the forum when you get stuck with an issue.

    If you have an 'I cant do it' attitude no amount of coaching is going to help you. You need to start with a positive attitude to get positive results.

    Ok I sound like I am lecturing here, but sorry just had to voice my opinion.

    I am no internet experience and dont have much spare cash floating around but I made a decision to invest with My Online Income System and today I am creating blogs and lenses which I never ever dreamed I would be able to do.

    Have I made money yet? No .... Am I going to carry on? Heck yes? Will I make money? You darn right I will.

    It may take time and lots of hard work - both of those never killed anyone.

    So... I think i should go now ... best of luck though and my last words are:

    Thoughts become things!
  14. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    ZiggyZoo: Take the bull by the horns and commit to starting a program and with enough dedication and hard work you can succeed ... and on your own - with a little help from members of the forum when you get stuck with an issue.
    Very well said.[​IMG]

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