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    My name is Tom Anderson, and I am new to this forum. I would like to ask for some feedback on a home based business opportunity that I would like to offer in the near future.

    The offer might go something like this:

    ***Make Money in the CD Clock
    ******Mounting Business

    This business involves buying (not manufacturing) clock movements and mounting them on interesting and attractive faces and holders that you create.

    Clocks can be made from almost anything. Crafts people have used stamping designs, burl wood, toys, funny faces, etched mirrors, souvenirs, marble slabs, sculptures, photographs, and family keepsakes; the possibilities are endless and as big as your imagination.

    And you don't need training in clock or watch repair or possess any special talent. The clock movements come complete and ready to mount.


    One of the easiest, most versatile and creative ways to make a clock in with old CD's that you no longer need or new blank CD's that you can buy for not very much money.

    Now you can make money working at home by starting a CD Clock Mounting Business.

    I can provide what you need to start and be profitable making your own customized CD clocks right from your own home.

    All you need is a computer, printer, internet connection and our CD ROM Clock Kit. This kit contains a CD disk with a Clock Dial template that's loaded into your computer and used in conjunction with free down loadable software from Avery. You can change the numeral font, style and size, add a photo and personalize the dial with text such as names and dates. The kit also includes a sheet of 2 CD labels for printing your finished dial, once printed you can mount the dial on the CD included with the kit or a blank CD.

    ??? Quartz Clock Movement
    ??? Dial Template CD
    ??? Gold Hour, Minute & Sweep Hands
    ??? One Sheet of 2 Avery CD Labels
    ??? Finished Size: 4 5/8" Diameter x 3 1/2"D

    ***UNIQUE OFFER!***

    The kit comes with a CD-ROM with over 100 designs and artwork that you have permission to use for inspiration, personal use or resale. They are grouped into themes such as: Animals, Southwest Indian, Religious, Celtic designs, Sports and much more. These are fully completed clock dials with designs ready to print on your paper or Avery CD Label.

    You could easily order the kit and be selling clocks in one to two weeks!

    I will also provide the information you need to start and succeed in your business.

    You will receive articles and books on:

    * Starting a CD Clock Mounting Business
    -Do you have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur?
    -Marketing Your Business
    -5 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make
    * How To Price Your Clocks
    * 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Crafts/Clocks
    * Craft Shows, Fairs and Festivals
    * Selling To Retail Stores
    * Party Plans, Fundraising and Custom Clocks

    Clock Mounting Business Startup Work Sheets

    These worksheets developed exclusively for use with
    Your CD clock mounting business are designed to:
    -Help motivate you
    -Keep you accountable to your vision and goals
    -Compel you to take action
    (These are worksheets that you can print and mark up with ideas and notes)

    I am trying to determine if there is a market for this product before I invest time and energy into it. It would help greatly if you could answer the following questions.
    Thanks For Your Help

    1. Is this something you might buy if it were made available?

    2. What do you think would be a fair price for this offer?

    3. What price would be a little bit higher than you would be willing to pay?

    4. What do you like best about the offer?

    5. Is there anything that should be added or changed?
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    It seems to be a very niche market

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