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  1. Deano123

    Deano123 New Member

    I bought profit lance but my login details were not sent to me,[​IMG]
    I sent them an email showing my clickbank order number and still nothing, does anyone know a contact number for them

    I bought it on the 29th.

    I aplied for the bonus and have recived all that stuff from Peter Matriciano just not my profit lance login details

    Iv read alot of post on this board and really wanted to start learning and taking in all the info it has to give. You say it takes time, but its coming up too weekend and i am willing to give it time and put alot of effort in, but iv only just bought the thing and i cant even access it i wanted too have a good go at getting started this weekend but i cant[​IMG]

    Please can anyone help

    My email is here too
  2. SheTeq

    SheTeq New Member

    That seems very odd to me. I purchased on the 30th. I received the confirmation email less than a minute after the ClickBank receipt and got right in. I've been in there almost constantly since.[​IMG]

    I did a quick search for a phone number, searching on both Profit Lance and Netmedia Marketing. No luck. Seems very odd since I seem to remember a phone number was a required field in the sign-up.

    I'm also fairly certain certain I read that they recommend putting your phone number on your web-sites for credibility.

    What have I gotten myslf into, if they don't follow their own recommendations.

    Have you tried contacting this Peter who you purchased through?

    Good luck!
  3. Deano123

    Deano123 New Member

    sorted im away with profit lance
  4. imarketing101

    imarketing101 New Member

    I sent you a PM only to realize it has been sorted.

    [​IMG] Glad to hear it at least!

    Wish you success!

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