Need help developing a MLM plan for my business

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by craigb5277, Jun 26, 2008.

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    I need assistance with design and implementation of a MLM plan for my business. My business is a coupon website which allows local businesses to register and upload their coupon info and logo to the website and have their printable coupons available immediately. I need to develop a sales force to steer local businesses thoughout the United States to sign up on the website. The cost per month will be low, ($9.95/month to $39.95/month) depending on MLM plan. My main goal is to get businesses to sign up on the website and I am willing to take a loss up front to get businesses to sign up. I am not familiar with the intricacies of MLM and wouldn't really know where to begin. Any help with this matter would be appreciated.
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    wow - that is out of my ballpark! But I do have some resources I can shoot your way on how business models drive the behaviour in the field - what works and doesn't work in mlm comp plans, etc... that sort of thing if you are wanting to look into that.
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    That would be great! Thanks Craig
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    First off to be into any MLM business you need to live it. Let it become what you think about at all times, except leasure at the end of the day; this means:

    1) Start Local and then do the same throughout the US; get yourself a couple thousand business cards. Leave therm EVERYWHERE you go: cash a check leave a card. Give them out to everyone that you talk to, and by all means talk to everyone within your sight. Always be helpful and yourself; never sell anything (except on your card/ forum signature/ or article Bio page).

    To get "local businesses to register and upload their coupon info", think: they both business and customers, need to remember you as a person not a product. Give them the benifits they will get from your offer, but it is through you, their best friend that they can get them. MLM's are by nature uplines and downlines or porfit by volume. Your sucess is to totally ignore this fact and find many that love what you offer. Both business and their customers driven by you will remember a personal person over a mailed mailer, whether it is in person, or Personality over the Web.

    Anytime you can put your mug/ face on any web do it. A view of a person gives 10,000 times more personal info than any icon, much less a blank square. On any MLM adventure it is a person getting others to see something new.

    2) Google foreum on anything related to your offer. Go there and give them you best. Leave your "card" in your signature.

    3) Write articles on the market aspect of internet coupons and how easyly it draws market share. Write articles on how internet distribution draws unknown revinew from unthought of places, 24 hours a day. Write articles on the history of marketing and how it now is in the 20th centruy.

    Place them in,,, etc, etc.. and always only place your web link in your bio. Make your bio a short 2-3 sentence on who you are then place your link at the end so the search engines will find it. Make your link look like this HTML stuff:

    whatever you want to show for real here

    This will allow you to drop your card all over the place.

    There are so many other tricks, too many to say here don't make it complicated but get these three going.

    I'll check back here to see how you are doing

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