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  1. bulldoza

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    Hi everybody I'm new to this and I'm trying to promote a product from clickbank so I created a hoplink and then went and bought a domain name from Now how do I forward my product hoplink to my new domain name?? I sent an email to GoDaddy support but they just told what I'd already tried to do but it did'nt work. I went into my domain names account manager then where it says to forward it I put in my clickbank hoplink "" for example and it said that the format was wrong and I needed something like "". I'm really new to this so if someone could help me out it would be much appreciated.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member's been a little while since I did mine and it does take a few hours for it all to register, just so you know that .... but it may be telling you that you do not need the http:// ??

    Someone will pop by here shortly I am guessing - someone that is more techy than I am..[​IMG]
  3. Seth

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    Try to add www. after http://

    oh btw, is this your clickbank url?

    isn't suppose to be like this ?

    xxx - your clickbank nickname

    aaa - vendor
  4. yahia

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  5. bulldoza

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    No that was'nt the real url...just an example....but thanx for tryin to help guys, i'll go back and try a few more things..cheers
  6. Roseanne

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    Hi, o.k. I did it. In 'my domains' you need to click on 'forwarding'. When this window opens you see under 'forwarding' another clickable task called 'masking'. You need to fill in both to get a clickable domain name cloaking your hoplink. I hope this helps![​IMG] Roseanne

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