Need Help With MLM Lead Generation

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by GavinStephenson, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. GavinStephenson

    GavinStephenson New Member

    Hi Guys..

    Is there a MLM Lead Generation tool?

    Just wanted to find out how people are marketing there MLM business.

    I am current using youtube, myspace, facebook and twitter. MLM Lead Generation can be costly sometimes and I just wanted to find more ways of Generating leads for free

    Any Ideas?[​IMG]
  2. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    get ranked highly in Google. Works for me
  3. greenflash

    greenflash Guest

    have you considered offline marketing? most people online have already seen and heard everything by now - but there are still billions of people offline who might want what you have

    try handing out $100 bills - captures people's attention
  4. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    did anyone here use any system to explore your mlm business?

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