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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by needhelp09, Oct 20, 2009.

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    I'm a stayed home mum. Been spending alot of money online buying these Internet Marketing programs where they made promises and if I do join they will fulfill their promises and all that. however, what I realized is that, money is going out fast from our credit card and at the end nothing works. I nearly tried all programs they offered hoping one of them will work and fulfill my need but somehow they just ripped us off. I also send them emails asking for help but no-one bothers to reply back. I left them msgs and no-one calls back. I'm so sick and tired of this, I just need someone who can point me to the right direction and willing to help out with the heart. Personally I thought, by tomorrow and nothing comes out then this is it. I dont believe in any of the stuffs online.

  2. FreeCashMan

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    Oh so often we have to stumble forward in order to succeed.

    Yeah, it's no crystal stair, and nearly all of us that are having success have lost money at one point or another, it happens. However, know that the fact that you have purchased things or got involved with business opportunities others are and will do the same.

    There's no instant gratification for the masses when it comes to succeeding working from home. And more don't succeed because they don't commit and dedicate themselves to the task of what it takes to be successful long enough. Often quiting when the tide is ready to turn.

    I've learned that success in business opportunities is going to evolve itself by having a simple and straight forward marketing system that anyone can do. This doesn't equate to making building your successful home business an instant success but it does position you for the greatest potential.

    There are plenty of people and opportunities that will provide you all the necessary support to succeed, self included, but nothing will surpass the need for sustained commitment and dedication.

    You may get in a business a make money promptly and other times, you just have to build up your lead base and let the wise eventually step up.

    So don't give up, as I and others are making money consistently online, but 9.9 out of 10 didn't do it overnight, but what we did do was focus on what marketing plan/strategy we needed to implement that would allow us to build and grow our business and make money.

    What many don't understand is that it all a numbers game to a large degree. That's because everyone doesn't understand at first that they should all join "my' business because it's the "right" one.

    (I'm joking on the last part, I think [​IMG], some humor to lighten things up, hopefully this helped to keep you inspired at the least)
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    If the companies you bought stuff from are not living up to their end of a guarantee and not communicating back call your credit card company and dispute the charges.

    Marketing online is not easy. Between the noise and the liars it is very difficult to get noticed to even have a chance at making a sale.

    In the last year there has been an explosion of people who have never made money in MLM or internet marketing who have purchased courses telling them to "position" themselves as experts and sell courses. Sad but true.

    What to do now?
    1. Start watching Gary Vaynerchuk stuff.- Just really good stuff about building a brand on the internet from a guy who has actually done it.
    2. Look into the 30 day challenge. Search for it on this site and you will find it.
    3. Watch Eric Worre's video blog
    4. There is no shortcut or magic technique for success in network marketing. It takes hard work over a long period of time to really build a business. For all the proclemations that the old school methoids are dead the numbers don't add up. 4 out of 5 people are still recruited old school.
  4. shaun

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    I think you do need help.....but by asking for help you leave yourself open to people who may take advantage of your vulnerable state. Remember desparate buyers buy...dont be a desperate buyer. Would you like to outline here exactly what you would like help with.
    I would love to point you in the right direction and plaease know I have no intention of selling anything to you
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    If you got programs through Clickbank - most of those have a money back guarantee so you should check that out... other than that... tell us what you are trying to DO online as that will help us help you...[​IMG]

    Many of the programs that are available on working from home are simply that - a program or tool to HELP you.... it sounds like you have no idea what it is you are looking for, and I totally can relate to that as it was only several years ago that everything was all foggy and running together for me as well...

    Once you understand the difference between what is called AFFILIATE marketing... and NETWORK or MLM Marketing , it will help a lot, in finding the right direction.

    Let us know what you have tried to do and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.[​IMG]
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    mountainmom5: Once you understand the difference between what is called AFFILIATE marketing... and NETWORK or MLM Marketing , it will help a lot, in finding the right direction.
    I fully agree on this as I faced the same problem. There are so many models of online business. I think the most important thing now is to decide which model do you want to follow. Then just stick to "the" one model until you see results.

    I am sure you can easily find out the basic information of these models without difficulty.
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    My wife's mom recently went through the same thing that you are with a company called Stores Online. I went along with her to the seminar that they put on at a cheesey hotel with snacks and free gifts all offering millionaire results. The catch was you had to pay them upwards of $3000 to get started with hosting fees of $25 a month and all kinds of other fees. I wanted to share this simply to tell you that I've seen it first hand and that I know what this feels like to get ripped off. I've recently began my quest as an online affiliate and up until a month ago I had no clue where to start. I'm not going to share what the clubs name is due to the rules of the forum, however, I would like to give you a few pieces of advice to maybe get you back on your feet and seeing income. I have seen a lot of posts about distractions, affiliate advice, and many other topics about MLM, and there's a lot of good advice above regarding your situation. My advice to you would be as follows:

    1. Gather what you know
    2. Narrow your focus
    3. Apply and try

    Regarding number one, this may be difficult seeing as how you don't know what it is exactly that you don't know to get results you need and want. How do you know if you know enough at this point to continue on your own in a direction that will in the end make you money.

    Regarding two: If you know enough, you need to narrow your focus and concentrate on advertising, techniques, or whatever it is that will again, bring home the bacon.

    Three, the only way you will know if your knowledge is enough to make you money is to try, which I'm assuming that you've already tried or you would not be here asking for help. But, if you think you have enough knowledge to begin, start with the steps I've just gone over. If the your first technique doesn't work, tweek it and try something different.

    This all may sound like its obvious but when you get stuck its time to return to the basics. It's hard to get any more specific when we aren't sure exactly what it is you are trying to do.

    If you dont know where to start and need further help, my suggestion is to search for a program that is through clickbank, offers 100% money back guarantee, offers the most complete guide on internet marketing and money making, and has 24/7 customer support through phone and email. This may sound like something your company has provided but I can tell you now that I found what I just described and am very happy with it.

    Hopefully this helps you and I don't get kicked out of the forum for mentioning the club I am in. I truly hate seeing these scumbag companies ripping off people who are sincerely trying to provide for their families. There is no honor in what they do and they will be rewarded in full for what bad seeds they sow.

    Ok, I've said my peice, goodluck NeedHelp09 and if you need any more help please let me know. Maybe I can help you more if I know what exactly it is you are trying to do.

    Thanks and good luck to all...
  8. mbaker417

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    What Programs have you bought? Let me know what programs you have bought and maybe I can help make them work. That is if you want to try and make some money with your programs. do not post your links just post the name of the programs and I will research them and let you know if I can help you with them.
  9. shaun

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    mountainmom5: Once you understand the difference between what is called AFFILIATE marketing... and NETWORK or MLM Marketing , it will help a lot, in finding the right direction.
    Mountainmom5....its my personal opinion that they are exactly the same except MLM is affiliate marketing on steroids. Ewen Chia one of the most well known Affilliate marketers on the internet describes MLM as such.
    Just my 2 cents
  10. talfighel

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    To be successful online, you just need 3 things:

    1. A good and solid network marketing company that all you have to do is to generate leads into the system and the system does the selling and sorting for you.

    You keep doing that day after day and you make sure that on a daily basis you bring in new and fresh leads.

    To get new and fresh leads on a daily basis, you need to advertise and it will cost you money to do that. Pay Per Click is the best strategy out there.

    3. You keep doing this and you teach your team to do the same and your success is guaranteed but you must be willing to give your biz at least 1-3 years in order to see a nice residual income.

    If you want a mentor that will help you and put you on the right path to success online with a system that works, then send me a private email through this forum. I would love to help you out.

  11. Interesting,

    All these so called guru's are reselling repackaged secrets to this, magic that, push button this, and in reality, most of it is worthless. I have purchased dozens of these deals in my quest for success and to stay ahead of the fast moving internet marketing curve, and all these deals are simply recycled copycats of all the rest with a few tweaks and a couple new buzz words. Why elese do all these guru's pat each others backs over and over again with glowing testimonies? Because it is a game praying on the newbies, that's why. They simply rotate the same information over and over again, so don't waste your money, all the information you need can be found for free if you spend the time like I do researching everything related to marketing.

    The most amazing thing I have uncovered over the past year is that all these affiliate promoters are simply bidding up the Google Adwords to a level which makes most worthless when it comes to return on investment. Just look at all the PPC promoters all pumping the same next best affiliate program. The reason this saturation is happening is because all these guru's have been selling the same story of how to get rich as an affiliate promoter, and they all tell you to use PPC, so sooner or later you learn PPC doesn't work like it use to. My revenues have dropped like a rock over the past two years while my sites traffic has increased 1000%, go figure, and I did, and all I can say is don't fall for it.

    Sometimes you have to take a step back before you can go forward, and this is how I look at marketing. When one strategy no longer is pulling like it once did, you have to take a step back and evaluate the market from time to time, and what I have seen is a step back to direct marketing is where the markets are going now. Postcard marketing meets the internet. Most have learned that the internet is simply a sales tool, and information medium, not a salesperson. Automated selling sites are a pipe dream for most. I have seen a huge success with postcard marketing, and with new system whereby you get paid to promote your own businesses, this is the answer to success. You can now customize your own postcards, purchase leads, and have your postcards mailed all under your own control, amazing progress over the old days of direct marketing. Check it out, don't waste anymore money on PPC.

    Success to all,
  12. biz2day

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    What l would suggest is build up your list , so you have a base of customers, also try simple MLM , may be small matrix type programs, as you only need a few sales and your well inprofit [​IMG]
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